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Recently (Sept 21) retired. Riding 'til I can't throw a leg over the seat, then going for a 3-wheeler, but not quite ready for that.
fz6 LAND HI FROM A NEW MEMBER. Just got my FZ6. Very nice thing. On my troubles, more later,,,
Thanks for having me.
So my 2008 FZ6S has 70k on it and the engine runs tight the only issue I have is the clutch is a little noisy when released, quieter when the clutch is operated to select the gear.
Other than that the clutch works perfectly fine with no slip and full engagement.
I'm thinking it's time to start thinking about a new clutch kit, what is your advice please
Kind regards Robert
Hi Norbill, I think you clutch is fine. When it is released in Neutral the gearbox is idling and the gears are turning. That is the sound you hear. When you pull in the clutch lever the gearbox is disengaged ie. the gears have stopped going around.and the sound goes away. The cause is probably gearbox bearings. I wouldn't be very concerned unless it is bad bad. RayO
I am thoroughly impressed with the high mileage and reliability of Yamaha.