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Hi fellow Fazer riders. I bought my FZ6S S2 new at the end of 2008 and now approaching 70,000km joyfully with no real issues. Done a few minor mods and routine maintenance and it's only stopped a couple of times when the battery died and needed replacement. Been retired for almost 4 years now and intend to keep my bike as long as I'm still riding. I live near the city of Sydney in Australia.
Hi guys I'm new to the group. I have just started my 08 fazer up first time for a couple of months. I let it run for a while and as stated in other posts, it started spewing the coolant out of a breather pipe. Need to look at the fanswitch, fan and water pump. Just wondering where do you guys get your parts from in the UK please? Cheers K
Looking at my FZ6 after a while. Need a road worthy certificate in Victoria Australia.
Change after market muffler to something big and fat. Thinking about lowering the footpegs for a bit more leg space.
Hi fazil, sorry to reply 4 months late. I don't get email alerts on profile posts.

Here is the 3rd timing chain guide I was talking about. It attaches to the underside of the cam cover. Open the link below and check (no. 15)
Yamaha part number is 5BE-12241-01-00

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