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I bought a 2005 wrecked bike. Basically cosmetic damage. I needed a speedometer and headlight so I went with the 2007 S2 and have gotten the wire harness spliced and works. Will the speedometer bracket for the 2007 work on the 2005’s front forks to mount the headlight? I don’t believe they changed out the forks between years.
Hope you and the family are doing great! Saw the forum is locked and I'll assume your fixing or upgrading. Pretty quiet these days except a few signups that get pushed to the approval que.
Thank you for keep out forum alive!
Yup gotta do the updates. I remember then the site had thousands of visits per day.
Recently (Sept 21) retired. Riding 'til I can't throw a leg over the seat, then going for a 3-wheeler, but not quite ready for that.