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I've decided that I really need one of these now. I went into a roundabout at a fairly good pace but was in a lower gear than I thought. I dropped down to what I thought was 2nd and as I waqs going in letting off the clutch I was actually in 1st! Almost a brown trousers moment but I managed to control the sliding rear and get into the turn ok but I definitely will be getting one of these.

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In case anyone else has problems with a DG8 on a 2008 UK spec bike, and to close down the problems I was having with my installation, here's what finally happened. After not getting anywhere with the programming, and after re-installing from scratch, I finally took the bike down to Acumen as they were out of ideas as to what was wrong. They were (as usual) extremely helpful. They checked out the wiring, and after various other tests, swapped the DG8 over for another one as everything else looked fine. That new one worked perfectly straight away. It took only seconds for the DG8 to learn each gear in programming mode.

Acumen did comment when they were looking in to the problem that my bike was producing quite a bit of electrical noise on the tacho pulse. Mine was the first 2008 model they'd seen.

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Re: Check this out!!!

That's nice. I'm sure that this will be one of the things that they upgrade on FZ6's in the future.


Re: Check this out!!!

Looks really slick in the factory cluster. Mind taking some pictures of the back of the cluster when you get it back in your hands?


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Re: Check this out!!!

Just did this mod on my 2004 FZ6. Thanks to Jonac for putting these instructions online! Saved me a ton of trouble.

The work probably took about 3-4h. Instead of stripping the wires, I just used the soldering iron to melt away part of the sheath, then solder the wires. After that was done, I coated every junction (including the diode) with epoxy. Because the 2004-2006 FZ6s do not have an analog dial (the whole thing is like one big Indiglo display), I mounted the indicator onto the centre strut directly below the instrument cluster.



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pardon my ignorance but i saw the first photo of OP's bike with the gas tank up and where's the battery? i didnt see it...?


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Thanks for the great write-up!! I've been riding for a year now, and I never forget what gear I'm in, so I'm not gonna install one myself. But reading your comprehensive post was a pleasure :)


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Thanks Jonac for this awesome write-up. I basically followed his lead on the wire connections near the ECU which worked a charm.

So, just to add my two cents worth, here is my install. I wanted to mount the DG8 in that little bit of a cove below and between the speedo and the tach. I didn't want to attach it to the inner fairing or assemblies that would make it difficult to disassemble, nor did I want to start drilling holes into any parts just mentioned. My thought then was to make a bracket that would attach to the support member that's attached to the frame that suspends the fairing.

Here is a picture of the machined out bracket made of aluminium.

After roughing the bracket surface, cleaning it, one coat of primer, and three coats of black, here is the finished product with the DG8 velcro'd to it.

Next, tapping the DG8 harness to the wires near the ECU connector was like performing surgery. Definitely not an easy job. Having to carefully remove the wire insulation, tinning the exposed wire with solder, then soldering the proper DG8 colored wire to it, and then taping it all up.

Here is a picture of how the DG8 on the bracket look attached to that fairing support member.

Programming was simple enough and performed while the bike was stationary on the center stand. Here's how it looks from the front.

I think I'm going to really enjoy having this mod on the bike. No more looking for 7th gear! :rolleyes:
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Elite Member I wish I had your skills and your machining tools!!!! Oh the fun I could have! nice job!


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Thanks for the great write-up!! I've been riding for a year now, and I never forget what gear I'm in, so I'm not gonna install one myself. But reading your comprehensive post was a pleasure :)
It's not about forgetting what gear you are in; it's just nice to know at a glance, what gear you are in. I've been riding for 4+ years now and sometimes I would be in 6th and try for 7th.

This device is one of those "nice to have" items and by all means not needed. You don't really need a tach either, but it's there. I drove standard cars for 20 years and never needed a gear indicator. Heck, luxury cars now come standard with gear indicators so go figure.

It's a perfect accessory for people who like gadgets! :thumbup:


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I like the "well done work" as we said in french, and that's it !!
You will be my "mentor"for my futur mods. Thanks for your good write-up.


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Re: Digi Gear Indicator Continued ...

Now you need to put all your bits back together.

Don't forget to reconnect the male connector to the ECU housing.

Reconnect the 2 wires under the fuel tank (Green connector at the bottom)

When releasing the tank back down from the bungees be careful that your fuel pipes don't snag on anything.. Also make sure the fuel vent pipe on the right goes back through the little loop at the bottom of the bike. It just hangs there.

Next replace the tank bolts. Thats the tank back secure again.

Now all that is left is a quick positioning of the Digi Gear Indicator.

I chose the position in the picture but I suppose its dealers choice :)

I drilled about a 12mm hole in the dash to get the connector through... It then just clips into the other connector that runs the wire to the ECU wires. All nicely tucked away out of sight behind the dash housing.

I superglued one half of the velcro type stickers that come with the indicator to the dash for extra strength. The sticker alone wasn't that secure.

SO... with it all in place the final job is an easy programme.



a)with the engine running and the bike in neutral the Indicator will display 0 (this is the sign for neutral that you can change to n if you wish)

b)Insert and hold the programming key in the back of the unit until an L is displayed. (aprox 10 secs)

c)with the L displayed press the key 6 times ... once for each gear.

d)Remove the key and wait for the Neutral indicator to appear. (leave engine running)

e)select the first gear,let the clutch out and run the engine between 2-4000 rpm until the 1 flashes. The display will then change to 3 bars and then to a number 2. NOW SELECT NEUTRAL

f)Now select 2nd gear and run til the 2 flashes then changes to 3 bars then number 3 ... Now select 3rd gear and do the same for 4,5 and 6.

You can now select Neutral and turn the ignition off.

And thats it ... easy peasy lemon squeezy !


Hope you liked and thanks for lookin.

When you get to the part where you are going through gears 2-6, what rpm did you run the motor at while programming? Thanks!


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Same as 1st gear mate,2000-4000 rpm until the bars flash and the number changes.