1. Kaneda13

    Part number for factory FZ6-N headlight harness

    Anyone have the factory part number for the "N" headlight harness. Just about done with my conversion, and instead of chopping up the harness to shorten it to fit behind the single headlight, I was wondering if anyone had the factory part number. Looking for the harness that goes from the body...
  2. E

    Fz6 2005 need cdi pin id

    Hi im currently building a reverse trike for my wife. Im desperately looking for pin id on the cdi as i have no wire harness so i will make my own. Dont tell me to go see the dealer im in Cambodia tks
  3. Fz6 2007

    Cut Harness 2007 fz6 code 19

    Code 19 after attempted theft, rewired the harness and bypassed side stand switch . I have cleared at diagnosis 62 after , but still coming back...cranks but no fire .. anybody got a wiring diagram for this ? thanks ... any ideas...
  4. Gary in NJ

    Ignition Switch - Not all equal

    My ignition switch has been wonky since I acquired the bike. The key had to be in just the right position and turned at just the right rate to get it to move. Three years ago I ordered a replacement switch from ebay but never found the time to install it. My bike is undergoing a naked conversion...
  5. sifz6

    Worth changing harness?

    Only my second post here but I've been reading A LOT on the naked conversion. I'm going for an OEM conversion and have purchased pretty much all the parts to do this (down to the radiator hose). The only thing that's putting me off is soldering the wires etc. I'm ok at soldering, I'm just...
  6. T

    Help with 2004 fz6 headlight

    Hi all fairly new to the site thanks to this site i got my fz6 running with a 56$ relay. Anyways my question is does anyone have any insight on witing an acrebis cyclops headlight to my 04 fz6? I have the original headlight harness from the fz6 and the harness to the cylops headlight kit looks...
  7. UpInTheAir89

    I am not a smart man. What am I missing/What do I need?

    So, I sold my whole front fairing, and didn't realize that by selling the wiring harness attached to it I would also be down the piece that connects headlights AND the speedometer. I ordered the GSXR 750 K4 headlight to do the streetfighter + KMP fairing dealio. So here's what I have: That...
  8. Cloggy

    My bike suddenly died on me.

    On Friday I had riden to my work and back, had a bite to eat and then I was going on a ride with a group of riders (well actually I had organised it). Anyway on my way to the start location my bike just seemed to die, it lost a lot of power, the engine warning light came on and when I let it...
  9. R

    Wiring Harness

    Hey guys, So I have been having issues with my blinker fuse blowing and have...after a couple months of tinkering...found it to be a short in the actual turn signal control cluster. So, I ordered a new one but cannot find out who to get to the damn wiring harness where the plug in points are...
  10. H

    Tailight is out

    I've had a couple people tell me that my tailight is out but the brake light works on my 2007 FZ6. I ordered an Integrated MotoDynamic light and took everything apart today to install and see why the tail light is out. I plugged the new light in and it was fine. When I move it the running light...
  11. M

    Electrical question

    I was wondering if i were to buy aftermarket turn signals for the front am i going to lose my running lights or is there a way to hook them up to keep them without having to hack up the stock wiring harness . I've figured out all the stuff i am going order to go naked but the turn signals
  12. S

    F/S: 07' Headlight Wiring Harness

    Sold! (04-17-2013) Perfect condition headlight wiring harness removed from a 2007 Model. Great to have on hand for "naked" headlight conversions or speedometer conversions on 06' and earlier model years. Cord, Headlight Part Number: 4S8-84359-20-00 Factory MSRP: $110.95 Asking $50.00 o.b.o...
  13. M

    Advice Please: fuel injector wiring harness

    Fuel Sender Coupler Question Does the Fuel Sender Coupler wire go to the main wiring harness or the Fuel Injector Harness? Thanks!