Ignition Switch - Not all equal

Gary in NJ

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My ignition switch has been wonky since I acquired the bike. The key had to be in just the right position and turned at just the right rate to get it to move. Three years ago I ordered a replacement switch from ebay but never found the time to install it. My bike is undergoing a naked conversion right now so the upper triple clamp, fuel tank, airbox and battery box are already removed from the bike, making this a perfect time to replace the switch.

Worth noting, that switch assembly doesn't want to part company with the upper t-clamp. I was going through the steps of drilling off the fasteners and finally said "f-this" and broke out the grinder with a flapper wheel. After 2 minutes and a great spark show the old switch was removed.

I put the old switch side by side with the new one to ensure that the color-codes and the pin-out on the connectors were the same. They are. What isn't the same is the harness length. The replacement switch harness is about 3-4 inches shorter. I did a dry-fit just to see if there was a chance that the replacement switch harness would reach the connectors - no chance. I needed 3 additional inches of harness. Since I've had this part for three years and there was no way to send this back, I cut the connectors off the new harness, and then cut 4 inches back from the connectors of the old harness and married the two. I'm not happy that I had to hack this together, but as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. If I wanted the CORRECT part (not just the least expensive), I should have purchased a genuine Yamaha part.