1. Gary in NJ

    Ignition Switch - Not all equal

    My ignition switch has been wonky since I acquired the bike. The key had to be in just the right position and turned at just the right rate to get it to move. Three years ago I ordered a replacement switch from ebay but never found the time to install it. My bike is undergoing a naked conversion...
  2. TownsendsFJR1300

    Battery Chargers F/S, Optimate 6 & 2 BMW's

    Cleaning out the garage guys... Way too many chargers collecting dust... NONE HAVE BATTERY SAE CONNECTORS, JUST THE CHARGERS All are in excellent condition and work fine. What you see is what you get, No connectors, sorry... One Optimate 6, model TM181: $115 shipped in the US. Its a...
  3. alexfabian

    Speedo Intermittent

    Hi Guys, Posted a while back that I was having issues with my LCD screen and rev counter intermittently deciding not to work anymore. I seemed to have sorted the problem by changing the connector block etc the rear of the unit and crimping the female connectors slightly. It worked fine...
  4. L

    Battery - Adding More Electrical Connectors

    Hi, Is there an adapter to assist in adding additional connectors to the battery terminals? I find that I cant add more than two devices to the battery terminal (heated gear, tender, usb charger) as the terminal screws are too short and its a pain to get to. Thanks
  5. ChanceCoats123

    Sourcing Plastic Turn Signal Connectors

    So I'm working on my naked conversion, and my goal is to keep all stock harnesses intact. I've searched around the forum a bit and haven't seen anything quite what I'm looking for, so I figured I would just ask. I'm trying to find the plastic clips that are used for the front and rear turn...
  6. SirIsaac

    Tail/Brake Light Connector

    Just thought all might be interested in a little fact I discovered. Was working on a project to add an LED-adorned license plate frame with a tail light/strobing brake light feature provided by an electronic module I bought. Obviously needed to connect into the tail/brake light circuit. I...
  7. crabby117

    2 of 2 mods this week

    And besides my levers, I also replaced that gawd awful fender with a Rumble FE. It was kind of a biyotch to replace in terms of just getting it on. It seems like every time someone powercoats something, they don't realize the tolerances are smaller! I really had to wrestle this thing to get it...