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  • Ok, I'm a little slow. Why did you change your name? I thought omg_wtf was one of the best ones on the web :D
    How do you like the F800GS compared to the FZ6? It's too tall for me, but I did go sit on the F650GS today. Don't tell Admin...
    Hi there, I was going thru the sister site of FZ6R and came across some posting of yours... i am in rockville MD, it's alwayz nice to have more friends with same interests closer to home.. or around the world :) where you at??
    The Harley thing was spot on.Funny too :thumbup:
    We have the same here,but more with BMW riders who think that anyone without heated grips and panniers is an 'Outlaw Biker' :D
    It looks like a good size. The velcro will probably work fine. I filed and sanded my edges round for protection, but the edging will work, too. Looking forward to how it comes out.
    search meetup.com then search maryland sportbikers. We alwys get togther for rides, you have to join to see the calendar
    Thanks. I'll probably end up staying close to the Virgina side and just deal with the commute when the time comes. I figure if the commute is too bad then I'll put in my retirement paperwork (in the military over 20 already). Having the kids in a good school is more important.
    Thanks again for the info.
    We are looking at renting around/near the Arlington area or around 270. I'll be working in Arlington so I'm trying to stay kinda close to that. Of course my job will be moving to Ft Meade in a year or two so I'm trying to find something in between that has good schools. Any ideas?
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