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  • I saw from the FZ6R site that it is your Birthday!!! Hope you check in soon with updates!
    Happy Birthday! :cheer:
    Was just checking out some of the reviews on your KTM! What a blast that thing has to be! Yer a lucky bastid wit dem long legs!
    I am interested in picking up that shock from you. which variant is it. Did you get it set from factory for your weight and riding style. If so what is it set for. could you send or post pics. Is it compatible with a 2005 model year. Most importantly how much? Had to post this here, your private message box appears to be full.
    LOL, sleep deprevation - I don't envy that part of babies at all. I need my 8 hours or I'm really grumpy. You'll have to post an updated pic of her soon.
    **** ya! Not sure I'll be able to do something Sat. night (I am already in for Dinner Friday night and for the whole day ride Sat., so Leah probably won't be too hot to let me out Sat. as well, but we'll see. Either way we'll have a great time. I look forward to seeing and catching up with you... I am curious to hear about your job situation...
    See you in 2 weeks bro!
    Thanks for the rep mate. Great idea for a thread BTW. It's nice to see so many other folk find sitting at 30km/h in an 80 zone (because of a rule aimed at protecting people - who probably shouldn't be driving or at the very least should've avoided the twisties and gone the freeway - from themselves) as ridiculous as I do.
    Hey Defy, your PM box is full so...

    Ok, dates seem to be an issue so...below are 4 time frames to choose from, please select your favorite and your second favorite and send back to me:

    1) Sunday - Friday, June 6-11
    2) Thursday - Tuesday, June 10-15
    3) Sunday - Friday, June 20-25
    4) Thursday - Tuesday, June 24-29

    Wheewww :confused:
    Clean your PM inbox man! lol.

    Are you still looking for boots that hold up in the rain? I suggest you just buy normal racing boots that offer the protection you want, and use rain booties.
    That's right I said rain booties!
    Whitehorse Gear - Choko Rain Booties
    They go over your boot. It's made out of pvc-coated nylon. I like them because they block out the wind when I ride in cold temps. My toes get really cold (more than my hands) even with heated insoles.

    The rain booties will keep your boots 100% waterproof and warmer since they are windproof. It's better than any waterproofing (like Nikwax.)

    The Choko rain booties got good reviews on by all-weather riders.
    The biggest down side is that I look even more ridiculous on my bike. But I wear black leather pants so it kinda blends in so I don't think people even notice. Plus, I don't care.
    Here's a very unique bit of motorcycle and accountancy humor I stumbled across:
    Mount handlebars zip tie image by millie14225 on Photobucket
    Hey thanks for the rep...just got my painted swingarm back today...going on the bike tonight.
    Thanks for thinking of me. My thumb is healed from surgery and out of the cast. Its not very flexible since they had to reattach the ligament tightly for stability, but that will stretch out over time.

    Now if I just had the $$$ to fix my bike I could get out there! I appreciate the V-Rod offer but I'm going with the FZ1N kit. Provided an anticipated job change happens soon I'll have some extra funds to do the mod...and get new rearsets...and a new handlebar...and some nice levers...and a set of stands...and maybe a few other baubles, you never know! :rockon:
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