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Hi, I am looking at purchasing a used two brothers m2 dual carbon fiber exhaust system for my 07 fz6 but it only comes with a stainless band clamp for the pipe and two exhaust hangers. This kit however is missing the fender elimination kit that came with it. Is the fender eliminator kit absolutely necessary? Is there any way to use the stock blinkers and liscense plate holder with this exhaust? Any info would be appreciated before I buy the exhaust. Thank you for your time.


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I've never heard of a fender elimination kit coming (from the factory) with a set of pipes.

Two very different things...

Most companies sell the pipes, hangers, etc to bolt to a stock bike..

IE, You should be good.

I have all the stock rear parts with my Open Scorps:



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Thanks for the reply! Its seems that two brothers must be one of the few companies that doesn't allow you to use the stock rear parts. Here is a screenshot of their website of what the kit should contain, the eliminator kit is also in their exhaust installation instructions. I might have to pass on the exhaust unless I get the missing parts when I have the cash.Screenshot_20181229-182304_Drive.jpg

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I have the two bros kit. I can't tell you if the fender eliminator is necessary because I never tried to install the kit without it. If you have a small metal brake you could always make your own. The license plate bolts/lights are nice, the directionals are crap, barely visible.


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Thanks for the insight. I have heard the directional lights are garbage. I looked into it further and you have to have the eliminator kit or make your own bracket because the plate that is provided is how the exhaust is secured to the bike. I might call two brothers Monday to see if its possible to use the stock taillights and if I can just order the eliminator kit.
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Two Brothers Racing:D

Motorcycle parts store in Santa Ana, California
Address: 401 S Grand Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92705
Opens 9AM Mon

Phone: (800) 211-2767


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Their kit sucks. I made my own from 0.125" aluminum sheet. PDF file may be on here in my build thread but here is the general idea. Also run SS 0.125" wire at an angle from under the seat to the bracket so it doesn't oscillate.

If you want to use it, the pdf prints to scale.

Take your time bending as to sharp of bend and it cracks. AMHIK!!



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I installed the 2 Brothers kit and mine did come with the fender eliminator kit. I used the bracket and the license plate lights and purchased the turn signals from Rizoma. I am pleased with the set up and people give me Kudos on the set up as it give an O.E.M. look and not a hoodrat look. I also had the burs removed and the bracket powder coated as well. Hope this finds you well.