82 degrees in March



Went on a little ride today to run some errands. I looked at the temp on the bike, it said it was 82 degrees. Sun was out, was a little too windy though.

These pics are of Spicewood Springs Rd, a nice little ride but too short of a distance. Still there was hardly a car to see on it. Helmet cam is an older ContourHD GPS. It's set to take a pic every 5 seconds. I just have it to document anything in case a cager takes me out.



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Great pics, Dave!
When I read the title I thought you were gonna say it was cold:eek:

When I was stationed in Corpus I remember a handful of days when I walked out the door at 0600 and thought, Damn, I need a jacket:BLAA:


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82... hmm, It was a balmy 34 for me today. My bike hasn't even come out hibernation yet.


Thanks, fellers. Yeah, mid 80's on Saturday but wind gusts in the 20-30mph range. Not sure but think I'll ride tomorrow too. Really want to go find a few spots to photograph (getting back into photography).

Looks like a hot rod show in Austin tomorrow at Culver's on W Braker. Think I'll bring the camera!
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Yeahbutt it's a dry heat. My parents, brother and his family are in Scottsdale watching Padres pre-season baseball. They'll be back in San Diego on Sunday.


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You lucky sod, we have had snow and ice 21F riding to work this week.