1. ShoopCE

    ST2 Self-Cancelling Indicators

    https://safer-turn.com/smart-turn-system/ Has anybody on the forum installed this self-cancelling indicator system? The appeal is that this device will turn off the indicators after you make a turn or lane change, or 15-20 seconds if you don’t turn. So no more constant blinking if you...
  2. Z

    Brake light stuck on

    During mid season I noticed my brake light was stuck on. The first thing I did was disconnect the front switch and used the back brake to see if it was the front switch and via versa for the back, nothing. The brake light continued to stay on. I just purchase a new taillight and i plugged it in...
  3. K

    2006 Yamaha FZ6 Forks

    Hey guys, I am trying to rebuild my FZ6. The bike needs new forks along with several other minor/cosmetic parts, but I was wondering what forks would fit this bike. I have heard R6 forks can be used but is there anything needed to go along with that switch or do they fit right on..? Or would it...
  4. twobob1

    Voltmeter worth having?

    Hi all was looking for little mods to do and see some people have a voltmeter. Are these worth having? also where would you wire it to? if straight across the battery then it would need a switch. I have my usb socket wired to the hot of the brake light switch if I recall, could it use the same...
  5. N

    04-06 right handle assy Switch

    ISO right assy handle switch for 04-06. This assembly has the kill switch and ignition button. Please reply with price and shipping. Shipping to 96822. Mahalo in advance.
  6. T

    "New" FZ6 looking for front fairings and odd and ends

    I just picked up an 05 FZ6 that will replace my current daily (1985 SP600). I am going for fuel economy and general commuting stuff so I am not too worried about aesthetics and such. I will even consider buying damaged fairings. Anyway, the parts that appear to be missing is the front fairing...
  7. zixaq

    The Kill Switch Problem

    I picked up an extra kill switch/ignition housing to mess around with and, long story short, the only cost-effective way to harden the mechanism against failure is to add a shim. Otherwise, I'd recommend cleaning it out at least once a year, especially if it gets wet regularly or if you use it...
  8. twobob1

    Want to fit kill switch to alarm.

    I have just fitted one of those cheap alarm systems to my bike, I did a proper job and made a nice power cable with loom wrap and heat shrink instead of using flappy wires they give you, I fitted it under the seat I know its not ideal but its out the way. Anyways I wanted to fit a discreet...
  9. Gary in NJ

    Ignition Switch - Not all equal

    My ignition switch has been wonky since I acquired the bike. The key had to be in just the right position and turned at just the right rate to get it to move. Three years ago I ordered a replacement switch from ebay but never found the time to install it. My bike is undergoing a naked conversion...
  10. S

    Splicing a relay into licence plate light

    Hey guys Darren here, first time forum poster. Bike's a Fz6n 2007 and I'm down in Australia. Just wondering which of these licence plate light wires (blue or black - seen on my middle finger in the third pic) I should use to splice for my accessories relay. I'll splice it higher up the loom...
  11. FB400

    Front brake switch

    I needed to replace the front brake switch after doing a test with a jump wire it was determined the original one is not completing the circuit when pulling the lever and actuating the switch. So I ordered and received a replacement from boats.net. I ordered off of the right parts schematic...
  12. P

    Front brake switch part number

    First, apologies for having been off the grid for so long. I'm not the forum/internet person I once was. Really great seeing familiar names still posting here. I'm looking for the front brake switch part number. Google searches pulls up eBay links and I would prefer to order from Amazon or...

    Starter switch or starter?

    Hello all, Few months back the bike would not start, I hear one click. The gauge lights are all on and the engine with the orange light comes on. I thought battery, charged it up and started. Did this a couple of times and I bought a new battery. Did it again 2-3 day after new battery where...
  14. L

    Ignition Switch UK

    Looking for an ignition switch for parts Preferably looking for 04-10 FZ6 switch but believe earlier FZ6 or R6 may work also Need only the ignition barrel itself so would be interested in damaged switches or switches with missing keys providing that the key turns normally without any...
  15. L

    Ignition Switch

    Have the problem with my ignition switch where I have to pull the key to a certain angle before it will turn Want to get this fixed up without buying a new lock set and I know this can be done but need a donor ignition My question though is what other ignitions are identical to my bike...
  16. N

    LF Right and Left Control Assembly (2004-2006, S1)

    Looking for both S1 control assemblies. (Left has hazard switch, high beam switch,etc. Right has safety switch, start button, etc.) Please shoot me your offers that include shipping. Shipping zip is 96744. Mahalo in advance.
  17. B

    Short while riding. Bad starter switch and or bad kill switch?

    Well my beloved FZ6 betrayed me last night. She must have known I was winterizing her for storage. I just washed it like I have done easily a dozen times before. Waxed her up and was taking her for a quick spin back to my garage. Low pressure hand wash, very careful. That is when I started...
  18. austindv

    One click from starter relay / no start

    Hey everyone, I searched the web and the forums for a similar issue and haven't found one matching my problem. when I attempt to start my 05 FZ6s I get one click from the starter relay and no turn from the starter motor. It's not a rapid click as described by other riders, just one single click...
  19. V

    Ignition switch relocation

    As the title says, I want to move my ignition switch. Anyone done this and have pics of it?
  20. M

    Whats this? What method of sorcery of did the P.O. do? See Pics

    Short story is I bought a ratty 2005 FZ6 from a guy that laid it down to the point that the speedo is gone and the ignition has been relocated. I'm close to putting an aftermarket speedo and tach on the bike but am wondering about the neutral signal. I have found the below hack that the PO did...