1. C

    2006 Fz6 part out

    Hey all, Here in the south sound of WA, I am parting out my 06 FZ6. Tried swapping 07 engine in, doesn't match. Given up and gonna part her out. I have the original engine in pieces. Had 60k miles on it. 07 engine has less than 20k miles. XChain has maybe 2k miles on it. Tank has small dent...
  2. F

    FZ6 Passenger Foot Peg Install

    Hello all! I'm getting this bike from a friend. I got it from a friend who converted his 2005 FZ6 into a cafe racer. I love the bike, but I've got a few things I'd like to tidy up or change. As part of his build, he removed the passenger pegs from the subframe. My understanding is...
  3. C

    2006 Yamaha FZ6 was lowered by previous owner, how to put back to stock or even make it a bit taller

    I am quite tall and the bike was lowered. What is the technique used to lower the rear suspension? I want to remove whatever it is. Am I likely to need an original part, or is the lowering link setup just an add-on that can be removed and put back to stock without buying some original part that...
  4. Kaneda13

    Part number for factory FZ6-N headlight harness

    Anyone have the factory part number for the "N" headlight harness. Just about done with my conversion, and instead of chopping up the harness to shorten it to fit behind the single headlight, I was wondering if anyone had the factory part number. Looking for the harness that goes from the body...
  5. R

    Head gasket numbers

    Houston I believe we may have an issue, so cpl weeks ago I bought (1) head gasket # 2C0-11181-01 off ebay all in factory packaging supposed to be for an 06 up R6, Today I am surfing ebay again and find one 5SL-11181-00-00 for an 03-09 R6. before I ordered I went on two parts suppliers sites and...
  6. FB400

    2004-2006 Fairing "Visors" aka Batwings

    I have a pair of fairing visors. They are in fair shape with some surface scratches. You could use them as is or if you want them perfect I would recommend a repaint. I got these in a lot of parts and I believe these came off of a 2005 model. Part #'s: 5VX-2830D 5VX-2830C These...
  7. N

    Two Brothers Full Exhaust System with headers and Juice Box Pro for 2009 FZ6R

    I'm selling a gently used parts from my FZ6R: 1. Two Brothers Racing Exhaust System - Part 005-257010V - M2 along with a 2. Two Brothers Juice Box Pro Fuel Controller - Part number P212069. Both are listed on eBay: 1...
  8. S

    Newbie here, need help finding a bolt

    Hi sooo, anyways, im new here, i bought an 04 fz6, anyways the 2 bolts that hold the from of the gas tank down, are 10mm size bolt heads, i know that much, well, one of them is missing, can anyone give me a part number for that one And the other bolt i need, is the one that goes on the...
  9. B

    Fantastic Falcon Footage!

    We've all seen ****pit video before, but this is unique: the camera pans around, and for the most part stays oriented with Earth, rather than the jet. Enjoy!
  10. UpInTheAir89

    Looking for the unicorn: The PUIG Belly Pan

    I can still find them for sale at a few international locations, but for nothing less than $260 (after shipping). Figured I'd ask around here and see if I might get lucky with someone looking to part with one! I know there are others I could get, but nothing looks as good on the naked FZ6 to...
  11. swedespeed

    Does anyone know the purpose of this part?

    Does it serve another purpose other than covering the frame?
  12. M

    Rectifier/regulator upgrade

    Hello guys, I read a few threads on this subject but I wasn't able to find the exact part number. I would like to replace the OEM rectifier/regulator with a MOSFET one. I read that the second one is more precise and better protects the battery and the stator. Is this true ? The original...
  13. M

    First Bike! Need some help!

    Hi guys, so glad I found this lovely forum! I bought my 2009 FZ6 (title says its an FZS....what??) with only 3900 miles on it, two days ago! The front headlight plastic piece is broken and I cannot find the part number anywhere and after 2 hours of google I'm just getting more confused. It...
  14. swedespeed

    Aircraft remover on rear tail bodywork (grab rails)?

    Would aircraft remover/paint stripper melt the rear tail section (the part that contains the grab rails)? I'm pretty sure it would do a number on the small "winglet" body panels under the seat but wasn't sure about the harder tail part.
  15. Gary in NJ

    Ignition Switch - Not all equal

    My ignition switch has been wonky since I acquired the bike. The key had to be in just the right position and turned at just the right rate to get it to move. Three years ago I ordered a replacement switch from ebay but never found the time to install it. My bike is undergoing a naked conversion...
  16. zixaq

    WTB OEM footpeg/rearset (right side), also right plastic pod fender thing

    Found elsewhere, please disregard post.
  17. RPF

    Parts suppliers

    I have had pretty mixed results ordering OEM and aftermarket parts from several vendors and through dealers for my 07 FZ6 (and Kodiak ATV) Can anyone recommend a parts supplier that will consistently: 1) send the correct part as specified by me? 2) send the part in less than 30 days? 3)...
  18. Cali rider

    FS: ECU + other relays

    This thread has been edited! Available are a used ECU and a pair of relays. Pictures are below. Note: The regulator/rectifier and fuel pump in the pictures have been sold and are NOT included in this sale. As pictured, the items are: (1) 5VX-8591A-10-00 Engine Control Unit Assy, used (2)...
  19. S

    Hydraulic unit, for fz6-n s2 2007

    Hello! I've been lookin all over for this part. It's unacceptable expensive new... so i am wondering if anyone has a bike they're selling the parts from or something. Its the hydraulic unit for the abs system on a Yamaha Fz6-n S2 2007 Original yamaha part nr is: 4p58593009 And it's...
  20. thisisbenji

    Part Out

    EDIT: All the easy parts have been removed, I'll start individual threads for each of the more difficult items as they come off the bike. Thanks for the interest!