1. jeadra

    2007 Yamaha FZ6, $2500

    Hey guys. Well, it seems that my wrists and my knees are no longer a fan of my beloved FZ6, so it's time to let her go. She has a few scuffs and dents from her prior owner, but nothing that has affected the handling. Plenty of rubber left on the Pilot Road 3's, and she just had a valve...
  2. S

    Trying to bleed brakes -- no pressure from master cylinder

    Hello all, I've been a daily lurker for a long time, but this is probably my first actual thread. I've learned a ton from you guys over the years, but I'm stumped on this one. I did the R6 fork swap onto my 2006 FZ6. The swap went super smoothly (I still need to fashion some fender...
  3. V

    changing lanes when traffic stopped

    I had an interesting traffic situation. I was exiting a corner gas station and needed to make an immediate left at the intersection, so I drove mostly perpendicular through stopped traffic and made it to the left hand turn lane. There was perfect visibility all the cars were stopped. Midway...
  4. Red Wazp

    KTM Twins

    After I sold my FZ6 and bought a 08 FZ1 I was wanting to own a V Twin (no hardley ablesons for me) that would suite my need for speed and handling plus the suspension for the bumpy back roads of Northern California. In 2012 I traded the FZ1 in on a new left over 2010 KTM 990 Supermoto. That's it...
  5. M

    left front turn signal with wires, 2006 FZ6

    Looking for a left front turn signal housing with wires and stock well, everything. looks like I can only order the housing without wires from parts places. Need it for my sons bike. Wires are screwed up and I need the whole unit. Any help is appreciated. Thank you, Mr Matt
  6. M

    where to purchase a left front turn signal with wires?

    I have been looking at Partzilla and it appears as though the housing is available but not the wire which is what I need. I purchased a 2006 FZ6 for my son that was dropped at some point by a previous owner. They thought is was a relay problem. I checked and by process of elimination the left...
  7. M

    2006 left side does not flash on turn mode

    2006 FZ6 Dropped by previous owner on left side Cant get the left turn signals to flash??? What should I be looking for? Thank you in advance, Matty
  8. C

    Extra spring in left fork

    Extra spring in left fork Quick question, doing my fork seals and tore both sides apart to clean. While doing so, came across the fact that there is an extra little spring on the bottom out rod in the left fork but not the right. Is this suppose to be this way or did someone forget to put all...
  9. TownsendsFJR1300

    Broke SIDE STAND!!!!

    Title says it all. Ride up to Wally World for supplies. Go to get on the bike (engine is off) to leave,I'm geared up. Left foot on left peg, swing right leg partially over, OVER and off to the left side BOTH I and the bike go. WTF???? I know the side stand was down. Bike was on a...
  10. blackONblack

    Bruised bike and pride :( (Bike tipped while stopped)

    Well, it finally happened after 5 years with this bike. I was about to turn left out of a parking lot when I saw a car coming, so I stopped somewhat abruptly with the bars turned pretty far to the left, throwing me off balance. I almost saved it, but alas, I tipped it over and my FZ6 hit the...
  11. G

    New Bike! Quick question.

    I recently picked up a FZ6 2004! Loving it so far. It is pretty good condition beside the fact the left fork has a leaking problem. However I got new seals and oil. Going to be a project for the weekend. I do have one question. My google fu is not good enough to find the answer. There is...
  12. zixaq

    Rear end bits and parts

    Came with some cheap headlights and I don't need them. Offer me enough to motivate me to stick 'em in a box and they're yours. Located in SF if you're local. The guy said these came off of a 2006. Grab Rail assembly with a bit of rash on the left side, but seems fine otherwise. Black color...
  13. 0

    Grab Rail wanted and left side fairing. UK

    Hi all, I'm after a grab rail. Anyone got one? Also after a black left hand side fairing. Thanks, Dominic
  14. M

    First Accident... 6 months after picking it up

    6 months after the MSF and getting my FZ6- and I have my first accident 3 blocks from my house. Not my fault, someone turned left when they shouldn't have, but still goes to show you ATGATT. Ride safe fam.
  15. N

    LF Right and Left Control Assembly (2004-2006, S1)

    Looking for both S1 control assemblies. (Left has hazard switch, high beam switch,etc. Right has safety switch, start button, etc.) Please shoot me your offers that include shipping. Shipping zip is 96744. Mahalo in advance.
  16. TownsendsFJR1300

    Left side mirror for sale, 2007

    Sold mirror! Radiator guard still available.
  17. Sl!pstream

    FZ6 Left mirror and FZ1 bar weights

    Hey folks, as mentioned in the title Im looking for a left mirror assembly from an FZ6 as well as the bar end weights from an FZ1 (in good condition, no scuffs or scrapes. I'm not on the forum much so the best way to get in touch quick is via PM which I'll see in my email. Thanks!
  18. seanmhc

    Fz6 not riding straight, forks not in line with radiator.

    I'm in a love hate relationship with my fz6 right now, everything about the bike is great - it's looks, it's practicality the amount of power and fun you can have on it. But most of the time I get on the bike i'm just not enjoying myself because I the darn thing feels like it doesn't want to...
  19. D

    2008 FZ6 Parts: Mirrors, Windshield, Fairings, Leavers, Turn Signals, Front Stay Bracket, Handlebars

    F/S 2008 FZ6 Parts: Mirrors, Windshield, Fairings, Leavers, Turn Signals, Front Stay Bracket, Handlebars Hi All! I have an assortment of parts that came off or are for a2008 FZ6 (Black). I would prefer to group items together and or sell all butlet me know what you are interested in and we can...
  20. bike10

    HELP***HELP***HELP: need tech info

    I am down to the last 4 wires on an engine swap and i am at a work stoppage. Does any one remember which wire goes where in the ignition coils. I got the two right and two left, but which position for which color? The schematic doesn't specify. Thank you in advance. Todd