1. Motogiro

    Happy Pappy's Day!

    Happy Father's Day!
  2. MattR302

    Free FZ6 bits

    all gone
  3. gtosteve65

    First Track Day. Now many more to come

    On Saturday I did my first track day at New York Safety Track. It was an amazing experience and I highly suggest it if you live in the Northeast. Friday I took the ride up from Long Island to Albany where my friend lives. I had the FZ6 in full touring mode. I had custom built hardcases, a tail...
  4. FinalImpact

    The unexpected // w Pictures

    Saturday 2018-06-02 and the goal is oil change on the Fizzer. Throw the tank bag on and hit one store for a Wix filter and plan to hit another for the oil (I want what I want). Any who, somehow I head to the rising sun which leads me 90mi to all of this... Yes, this is the view...
  5. Motogiro

    Happy Birthday LFZ6!

    :rockon::rockon:Happy Birthday LFZ6!:rockon::rockon: Hope you have a great day Lisa!
  6. XpL0d3r

    New Here... Un-doing the Previous Owners "Mods"

    Hey all, Last August, I picked up a '09 FZ6R with just over 2000 miles on her! The previous owner bought it in the spring, but being 6' 5", wanted something bigger and got a Harley. So he put 13 miles on it in 5 months. Up for sale it went on Craigslist, and within two days and a test drive...
  7. L

    New Rider: New Bike: 04 FZ6

    Hey all, today was a big day. TLDR: Pics I've been talking about motorcycling for a long time, and 35 days ago I decided to book the 2 day MSF course here in Brooklyn. That course was insanely stressful, but I came away with my...
  8. Z

    FL to ON, FZ going back home

    Nobody here will remember but 5 years ago I took my FZ from Toronto to Sarasota. That was quite ordeal since I managed to do it on weekend when they measured highest temperatures ever recorded in Eastern part of USA. So this time going back I was not to repeat past mistakes. What happened is...
  9. agf

    To two of our fine talented members- Happy B'day

    Jerry and Travis (Jblk9695 andCHEMIKER) hope you guys are both having a fantabulous day Many Happies
  10. Motogiro

    Happy birthday ERCI!

    :rockon::rockon:Happy Birthday ERCI!:rockon::rockon: Hope you have a great day brother!
  11. FinalImpact

    Are you near the path? 2017 Solar Eclipse - Totality

    Looks like the 2017 Eclipse will be near. Lots of hype about our state increasing head count by 25% and well, our infrastructure is not going to handle this so well. Without moving an inch I'll be in 99.94% totality... Hopefully power and others nice to have things keep working but I can...
  12. agf

    Hey Nelly, hope you're having a great day!

    Many Happies Nelly!!
  13. Cloggy

    Happy Birthday Senior & Degake

    Happy Birthday Senior & degake, Hope you both have an amazing day. :cheer::cheer::cheer::cheer::cheer::cheer:
  14. Cloggy

    Happy Birthday @skooter65

    Happy Birthday, hope you have an amazing day :-) :cheer::cheer::cheer::cheer:
  15. gnyce

    interesting day planned

    - Rode in to work... srsly, mid-Jan and expected high is 50+ (F)? Great way to start, and no heated/heavy gear needed. Bike not esp. clean, but Scott will be pleased to hear I was polishing the headers on Sat (in much colder temps) - Going with an office-mate over lunch to help him buy a...
  16. agf

    Many happies cloggy

    as the title says, have a great day Martin MANY HAPPIES
  17. E

    Biketoberfest 2016

    Anyone going? Might be going on Saturday during the day. Later Jon
  18. TownsendsFJR1300

    Happy Birthday Monica!!!

    Happy Birthday Monica! Hope you enjoy your day! :Sport:
  19. Serzedo

    A ride with the friends Tomateiros! :P

    And here you go, a little fun video of the ride we made the other day! Part I: Part II: Hope you enjoy the videos. ;) "V"
  20. Zealot

    First Track Day!

    Heya, folks! Some of you may be out of the loop on my even more recent bike purchase; the CBR600F4i that I'd owned previously was a lemon, so I sold it at a loss and purchased a 2009 Triumph Daytona 675. It's been a lovely bike, with tons of character and absolute smoothness. Uniquely, the ECU...