wher to buy laser pipe in quebec/canada

steven lapointe

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looking for a place to buy extreme quad exhaust from laser in quebec maybe?

can ou help me? thanks

for those who understand :( ''fait frete c l'temps de serer le becik!!'':(

steven lapointe

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thank for the link
they are letting it go for 657$+40 shipping
100 $ for cat replacement pipe

might wait a week or 2 but probably gona buy it


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If you don't want the cat replacement I think you can get one cheaper from here Laser Exhaust All your motorcycle parts and accessory needs

They have the exhaust for $620 and shipping to Montreal (I didn't know where you live) is ~50. The cat elim was $140 though so if you want everything it looks like FosterRAD is cheaper by a little bit b/c shipping increased too. Firedog is in CA though so it would take a while to show up