1. TownsendsFJR1300

    Lane splitting??

    The first video is un-real, the last, not bad: Enjoy!
  2. TKBone

    Austrian twisties, going on a ride with a Buddy to "Seebergsattel"

    Great weather, great ride!
  3. Preston0333

    Flashing Engine Light and Haywire Gauges?

    Last week my FZ6 would make a buzzing sound upon pushing the ignition. I took the USB charger that was attached directly to the battery off which fixed the issue. I got my tires changed yesterday and now occasionally while pushing the ignition, I will get the buzzing sound, gauges go crazy, and...
  4. Pplater

    Basic FZ6S Maintenance Video Compilation

  5. bstefanovic

    FZ6 S2 weird noise coming from sprockets

    Hi all, Can anyone clear this out for me, it's been bugging me for a while. Is the sound the sprockets make in this video: normal or not? Thanks
  6. TownsendsFJR1300

    S2 Front Wheel "Free Spin" video

    I've posted several times about the S2's front brake seals, over time, dragging. (S1's not so much as they have half as many pistons) This (IME) is due to rubber hardening up, grit, grime, seals don't allow the FOUR pistons (each disc) to retract. The below video was taken today, with...
  7. Z

    The ultimate FZ6N video
  8. Bbbumle

    FZ6N cuts out randomly!? (With video and error codes)

    Hello everybody, I'm new to the forum and this is my first thread. Info about my MC if it should be relevant: Yamaha FZ6N from 2006. Lazer exhaust and Power Commander installed. I hope you can help me with this problem, because at this point I'm not sure what to do, so I will try to keep...
  9. agf

    reminder for all the gear all the time- very graphic video Many members wont get to see this as its on FaceBook, but it shows the nasty side of not gearing up. Its not for the squeamish, I got the shakes n shivers after seeing it so be warned its a bit gruesome.
  10. P

    A too long video about city-riding in Korea.
  11. F

    Innovv k1 review

    INNOVV K1 Motorcycle edition- Innovv motorcycle camera | motorcycle dashcam | motorcycle dvr What comes in the box: 2 cameras (protective lenses), the DVR (battery included), Power converter, 3m tape, micro SD to USB reader, a splitter for GPS/record button, GPS locator, on/off record button...
  12. O

    Leo Vince Evo 2 Proper Exhaust Video

    Video no longer available
  13. FinalImpact

    Trusted Yamaha service parts EU

    Yamaha has released lighting parts in EU but not in the US. Can someone point me towards a trusted dealer who won't rip me off? Perhaps a web url or call them and ask about pricing on these? Short video in operation. Winkers w/DRL Front: PN# YME-FLB2F-00-00
  14. fazil

    yamaha ybr 125 esd problem

    I just came across in a native motorcycle forum. A guy has a 2012 year Yamaha Ybr 125 Esd (Injection feed) bike. Here is the video, asking for help about the noise and vibration. What do you think?
  15. Serzedo

    Another year, another maintenance!

    Yup, my baby went for another maintenance, it has around 10.500 km's made since I bought it with 0 km's in 2014. On the way to her doctor: "V"
  16. heath_AU

    Horn Upgrade - Video link attached (Stebel Magnum)

    Did an upgrade a while back - what do you think?
  17. Smersh

    LED turn lights "flickering"

    Hi, asking more technical people for an opinion - I have just converted to naked and created a replacement harness for the one that runs inside the cowling of the faired model - the turn signals work (same as before - rizomas), but there is flickering that is visible during "off" stage. Here is...
  18. Erci

    Excellent video about braking and following distances

  19. I

    stock muffler chop

    After researching on here and checking out some exhaust videos on youtube I've decided to give the stock FZ6 muff an internal hair cut. It seems that the stock muffler flows reasonably well, as power gains only seem to be measurable once the cat is removed (S1). Most opinions on here are that...
  20. T

    Texas World Speedway: Memorial Day Video FZ6 Trackday

    Paid for m friends trackday and he made me this video.