1. jeadra

    2007 Yamaha FZ6, $2500

    Hey guys. Well, it seems that my wrists and my knees are no longer a fan of my beloved FZ6, so it's time to let her go. She has a few scuffs and dents from her prior owner, but nothing that has affected the handling. Plenty of rubber left on the Pilot Road 3's, and she just had a valve...
  2. S

    Rubber problems

    Just got a euro FZ6N headlight "kit" and it is evident (and verified elsewhere) there should be some rubber bits between the headlight body and the sides which hold the indicators. What are they called and where can I source them? The kit didn't include them and they are being a nightmare.
  3. F

    OEM Rubber Footpegs

    Hi all, Looking to purchase a set of OEM rubber footpegs in good shape. Please PM me, thanks
  4. R

    Streetfighter after wreck

    So I was just browsing ebay and saw the headlight kit in the attached. What do you think about this? Now take into mind I will NOT be using the rubber straps and will be fabing a bracket myself to attach it. The wiring does not look like it would be a problem and I would make the sides the...
  5. Cloggy

    Water around the inside of the filler cap

    When I fill up with petrol (gas) and I open the filler cap I find that water has filled the area between the opening to the tank and the ring around the filler cap. My bike is stood outside at home and this happens when there has been a lot of rain. More recently I fill up with the bike on the...
  6. fazil

    Rear Tire Cush Rubber Damper

    I went to a tire shop today to change the blown out rear tire. I put on a new pirelli diablo rosso 2 tire. Tire guy said that the cush rubbers need to change soon, i took a closer look and saw that the joints in between, were ruptered. (Bike has 35k kilometres) Just right after the installation...