1. I JET

    2007 FZ6S - Cheap parts

    ALL ITEMS SOLD. THANK YOU Hi all, i have a bunch of left over parts from a series two fz6s i bought last year. Everything you see in the attached photos is available to any forum members. Make an offer on anything you want, im happy to let most items go for $25 AUD ($15 USD) plus postage. I am...
  2. Pplater

    Basic FZ6S Maintenance Video Compilation

  3. J

    Can't find turn signal relay on 2004 FZ6S

    Hi, I want to change the turn signal relay on my 2004 FZ6S to a led relay, but neither I or my friend can find the relay anywhere on my bike. According to all YouTube videos and forums I found it should be located by the left side panel. I lifted off the tank and unscrewed the side panels...
  4. L

    2007 FZ6S statutory write off for sale Sydney inner west

    Hi All, my partners 2007 FZ6S was sadly written off after a friend crashed it on the Snowy Ride. The damage is mostly cosmetic around the fairing, headlights etc. The engine, frame, forks, tyres, wheels are all good. It would make a fun track bike or for parts. I guess if you had a frame with a...
  5. G

    Engine Differences on FZ6S

    Hi guys, new user here. Well, I have a problem, and I hope this is the place to find the answer. My 2006 FZ6S suffered a rod failure back in 2012, which according to most people I have talked to is almost impossible, especially at 35K miles, but I somehow managed it. It's been parked...
  6. Cloggy

    Took a test ride on a BMW F800R yesterday

    Well it wasn't planned I originally went to the bike shop to get a ride on the MT-09, but they had just sold their previous test bike and the new one had to be prepped. Anyway they had a BMW F800R on special offer and they let me take a spin. Well I was not impressed, mainly as the engine was a...
  7. C

    Changing faces: 2006 FZ6S: Can I fit a 2007 or 2008 upper fairing/screen?

    Hey all, I apologise if this has already been covered in another thread, I couldn't seem to dig it up. I'm wondering if a 2007 or 8 upper fairing and screen can be attached readily to a 2006 FZ6S? Would like to fit a touring screen but options are limited by the year model!! Cheers for any...
  8. M

    Just bought an '06 FZ6 and want to street fighter it

    Hello! I'm new to the forums here as I just purchased a completely stock blue '06 FZ6. I am new to the whole modding scene and the Yamaha brand as well. When I first saw pictures of street fightered FZ6's, I fell in love! Now that I've got the FZ6, I just want to know what conversion kits...
  9. Sith Lord

    2008 FZ6S (Australia)

    2008 model Yamaha FZ6S Dual Headlight Conversion FZ1 Handlebars Two Brothers CF Exhaust Pipes ASV Shorty Levers Oggy Knobs Oxford Heated Grips Fender Eliminator Mini Rear Indicators Speedo Healer Power Comander III Dark Tint Puig DB Screen Genuine Yamaha Rack (pictured) and Givi Top Box (not...
  10. WatchThisPlay

    How many FZ6 units were made?

    Does anyone know where I could find how many FZ6s of each year model were made? Specifically in the US but I am interested in seeing others too.
  11. iviyth0s

    FZ6 in New Hope, PA?

    While I was walking around in New Hope on Mother's Day (Sunday) I saw a black and blue FZ6 parked on the street of the main street. Was that anyone's on here? I got really excited because FZ6's are rare but I left before the rider came back to it.
  12. C

    FZ6S to FZ6N???

    I am having troubles figuring out which headlight to buy to convert my 2006 FZ6S to a FZ6N. I have Read a bunch of threads about the conversion and have come up with confusion. I lowsided my bike and the front fairing is ruined, ive always wanted to convert but never looked into it. Now that i...
  13. A

    I want to buy full fairing kit to my fz6s 07

    Hi to all of you friends, my name is Avi, im looking for a place to order a full fairing kit (with windshield and replica) for my fz6s 07 (i looked all over and couldnt find) i hope for a reasonalbe price, nice replica to choose and shipping (if possible to israel) if there's any of you...
  14. V

    New owner of 06 FZ6S. 15T/43T what effect does this have?

    Hi guys. I just picked up an 06 FZ6S today in Sydney, Australia. I have only ridden it a few klm to home as it is pissing down rain. I will use the bike for inner city commuting through CBD traffic and occasional weekend runs up to 150 km/h. I have had a Kawa Versys 650 that I changed the rear...
  15. B

    FZ6S 2007 Service Manual or Wiring Diagram

    I have everything I need to install a meter from a 2007 FZ6s (europe model) to my 2005 Fz6 the only isue is I am going to have to splice in to the wirres and I need to determine which wire goes to where, does anyone have a service manual or a wiring diagram for a FZ6S 2007? Thanks
  16. S

    2009 FZ6S (purchased new 2011) - Mint 2900km's

    Hi Guys, I'm selling my 2009 FZ6S. It is in mind condition and has very low KM's. I'm selling it for a VERY reasonable price. I've put at least 20 photos up here. Used YAMAHA FZ6S Motorcycles For Sale - bikesales.com.au If anyone is interested please call the number in the ad...
  17. F

    What is the difference between a FZ6S and FZ6S2?

    Hi, I was just wondering which are the main differences between this two bike models? Thanks in advance for your help!! :thumbup: FZ6X.
  18. Yamaha FZ6S -07 ABS

    Yamaha FZ6S -07 ABS

  19. Yamaha FZ6S -07 ABS

    Yamaha FZ6S -07 ABS

  20. Yamaha FZ6S -07 ABS

    Yamaha FZ6S -07 ABS