Feeler: Loaded 2010 Tiger 1050 (over $12k in mods)


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Feeler: Loaded 2010 Tiger 1050 (over $10k in mods)

Purchased this bike last fall as an upgrade from my FZ6. It's a phenomenal motorcycle, but I’m considering downsizing to something smaller. 27XXX miles.

The previous owner was a renowned Triumph technician, and farkled it to the extreme. All the weak points of this bike from the factory have been addressed (suspension, brakes, headlights)
I made a spreadsheet listing the cost of all the mods, and just what I remembered was easily over $10,000. Some of the highlights:

Suspension: Ohlins shock, Racetech forks, set up for ~180-200lb rider, plus luggage.
Luggage: Paint-matched Givi E52 topcase and E41 sidecases, on SW-motech racks, all cases with Admore lights. Also Triumph OEM rear seat bag.
Front brakes: Brembo calipers, Brembo pads, Brembo fully floating rotors, Brembo master cylinder, Brembo lever, and custom SS lines ($3500 for this upgrade)
Lighting: Euro Tiger Sport dual halogen housing replacement, top/side cases with extra brake/turn signals
Electrical: Triumph OEM heated grips, mounted dual heated gear controller, green/yellow/red LED voltage monitor, powerlet battery tender port
2 Seats: Triumph Comfort Gel, and stock
2 Windscreens: cut-down stocker for summer, 20" Cee Bailey for cool weather
Protection: SW-Motech crash bars, Triumph handguards, front/rear axle sliders, L/R engine case covers
Miscellaneous: SW-Motech footpegs/skidplate/centerstand, Arrow exhaust and tune, paint-matched rear hugger, front/rear fender extenders, Stebel horn, tool tube, throttle rocker, Custom gold powder coated wheels, black powdercoated rearsets/exhaust guards/etc., probably much more I'm forgetting

Battery replaced April 2018
Forks fully serviced August 2018
New Brembo front pads August 2018

Asking $6500 located near New Haven, CT.

Full Hard luggage

Cases remove with one key, Side racks remove with 1/4 turn fasteners

For light touring, soft rear seat bag zips on/off

Tiger Sport Euro Headlight adds dual low and dual high beam lights (the stock projector lights are notoriously poor, and only one low and one high)

Short windscreen for hot weather, tall windscreen for cool weather.

Aftermarket Brembo calipers, Brembo fully-floating front rotors, and new Brembo pads with only a couple hundred miles

Brembo master cylinder and Brembo brake lever

Racetech valves in front forks, Ohlins rear shock

SW-motech crash bars, Oil pressure gauge, and Stebel Nautilus horn
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Bump, going to pull the forks this weekend to have the seals replaced. The bike will be ready to go for the lucky buyer!


Awesomeness, Inc.
Bump. Just had the fork seals replaced. Brand new Brembo pads installed up front (to go with the Brembo calipers/rotors/MC upgrades).

Did a ~100 mile 2-up ride last weekend. With the 1050’s torque, the Racetech/Ohlins suspension, and the Brembo brakes, this bike was unfazed by the addition of a passenger.


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I wanted to compliment the OP on such a nice bike and setup. I also had a 2010 for a brief period and for those unfamiliar with this bike, the OP has fixed a lot of the complaints people had with this bike out of the box especially with the suspension and lighting. Also. my OEM hard bags leaked so the addition of the GIVI bags is another huge plus. This is a lot of bike for the price. The only cautionary note I would have to our members is that in my experience Triumph reliability is not the same as Yamaha and the reason I ended up selling my Tiger within a year of ownership. Having a warranty issue every month was not a fun experience, but each bike is different and this could be a great pickup for someone as I still miss how well the bike fit me and the pull of the triple off the line. Good luck with the sale as I will likely be in the same boat with my FZ6 in the next few weeks.