1. C

    2006 Fz6 part out

    Hey all, Here in the south sound of WA, I am parting out my 06 FZ6. Tried swapping 07 engine in, doesn't match. Given up and gonna part her out. I have the original engine in pieces. Had 60k miles on it. 07 engine has less than 20k miles. XChain has maybe 2k miles on it. Tank has small dent...
  2. H

    Does Fz8 ABS Meter can be use on Fz6 S2 ABS

    I have an FZ6 S2 NAHG, the speedometer appears and flashing the error Er_1, Er_2. (Link attached) Following the service manual, I checked the wire connection from Speedometer to ECU and ít's seemed the wires does not short or open. The voltage output in of 2 wires from ECU (yellow-black) is...
  3. D

    Running a little hot

    Hi all.. i have sold my faired fz6 and purchased a naked fz6 with less miles 15,800 to be exact.. i have noticed when im riding the temp gauge stays at the halfway mark.. and sometimes drops when i hit speed obviously cooling with the cold air. it will rise when in standing traffic and if i...
  4. meadeam

    Functioning belly-pan

    Anybody have a fully-functional bellypan (will catch and hold a catastrophic failure) such as racing orgs require? I am perusing FZ6 bellypans but as far as I can tell most of them will not actually hold fluids without modification.
  5. S

    Extra Lighting

    Hey guys, I got a new job that has me working in the evenings/nights. Since I like to ride to work, I am thinking about putting some extra lights on my 06 FZ6. Having more lights is safer , or that's what everyone tells me. Has anyone ever put extra lighting on their FZ6? I have a few ideas...
  6. MattR302

    G2 Throttle Tamer

  7. C

    FZ6 S2 - Acceleration issue when riding in the rain

    Apologies if this isn't in the right place. I've recently been on a longer trip and I got caught in the rain a few times for long period of time. When this happened I'd have an issue with the acceleration. From around 4-4.5k rpm the bike would accelerate very slowly, so the revs would slowly go...
  8. T

    FZ6 lowering fork element - dimensions

    Hello from Poland. Few days ago I bought Fz6 from 2005, but due to my height I have to do some lowering. I found lowering link which is replacement of ending of rear fork. Because now I can't remove rear shock from bike I am asking if someone have dimensions of this part? For now I...
  9. Cra1g

    Just bought an '07 FZ6 and looking for some parts

    Just bought a 2007 FZ6. It doesn't have front or rear turn signals, so I'm thinking about stopping by CycleGear and just picking up some cheap front signals and a fender eliminator kit that includes rear signals. Would they have these parts that would fit the FZ6? Also looking for a belly...
  10. F

    Decat pipe...

    I dont see how this can fit on my FZ6 am i missing something? https://www.ebay.com/itm/YAMAHA-FZ6-07-10-EXHAUST-DE-CAT-LINKPIPE-INC-CLAMP-FITS-OEM-SILENCER/292537536339?pageci=c38ad7ca-31d4-4621-8207-8d9a10b66e2d&epid=27018523406
  11. B

    WTB FZ6 Handlebars

    I'm interested in purchasing a cheap set of used FZ6 handlebars. I trailered my bike this weekend (must've been improperly) that led to the right handlebar being bent down. Looking online, I've found OEM handlebars for $140, but I figured I'd check here first. Or if anyone has any low-cost...
  12. F

    FZ6 Passenger Foot Peg Install

    Hello all! I'm getting this bike from a friend. I got it from a friend who converted his 2005 FZ6 into a cafe racer. I love the bike, but I've got a few things I'd like to tidy up or change. As part of his build, he removed the passenger pegs from the subframe. My understanding is...
  13. gtosteve65

    Has anyone run on PR5s

    Its almost time for new tires. I got 10k miles on my set of PR4s but the front is showing its age. I have probably until the end of the riding season here which is october. I took a look and noone has PR4s in the FZ6 size. Has anyone run the PR5s yet and can tell me how they felt? I loved my PR4s.
  14. R

    Great to be back in the fz6 pack!

    I can’t tell you all how great it is to have my butt back on the seat of an fz! I sold my 2007 quite some time ago, and experienced immediate sellers remorse as the happy new owner rode it away. At that moment I would have gladly given him $200 more than he paid to get it back! It took years...
  15. Fz6Junkie

    Is it me, the seat or the bike?

    So I have an 08 FZ6 with a brand new/new (I'll explain below) Corbin seat and after a six hour ride through God's country in the Smoky Mountains (Cherohala Skyway), not only was my crotch numb, but upper back between the shoulder blades just below the top of my spine was an 8/10 on the pain...
  16. mkosmas

    FZ6 S2 2008 EU version. ABS issue

    Hello everyone, I owned an FZ6 some years ago and now my wife and i are thinking of buying one again. I found a 2008 S2 model online with 36000km for a great price. I called the owner and he said that the only issue with the bike is the ABS. According to his mechanic, its a false alarm by...
  17. B

    Oil leak from oil filter area

    it all started the beginning of the season. I got the tarp off my bike and did some light maintenance, and noticed the oil was quite low. I had a quart and a half lying around so i topped up, thinking nothing of it, checked pressures and everything seemed to be fine, rode it about 50 miles and...
  18. A

    Fz6 2004 check engine light 2 cyl. working

    Hi, I was riding today my FZ6 2004 and my check engine light went on, and bike started working on two cylinders. I stopped turned it off waited few mins started it and it was working normally, then it happened two more times. I did the diagnostics and following faults numbers occured: 13 15...
  19. S

    Tank side pads suggestions?

    I've never had side tank pads, but would like to give them a try. Dropping $75 for a set of SnakeSkins seems dumb, but the cheaper FZ6 alternatives get bad ratings. I'm liking the idea of clear instead of black, but can't find any for Fz6. I see a lot of clear options for other bikes for...
  20. FB400

    EBC Front Brake Pads for 2004 - 2006 FZ6

    These are the FA199 Organic pads. Used them for 9 years on my FZ6 and found they work well and will not wear your rotors down, Sold my bike so no longer have a use for them They will fit 2004 to 2006 model years Free shipping to 48 states $30