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Thanks for adding me to the forum. Recently picked up a 600 that has been completely dismantled., with the intention of getting it back together, in time, probably lots of time. Hope to get some advice from the experts here. Thanks in advance!
If you need the SHOP or OWNERS manual for your 06, I have them as a PDF. Just PM me a regular e-mail address to send them to... Scott
Does a 2006 FZ6 have a pass switch/button feature? It says in my manual that there is a pass button, maybe it’s built into the switch?
mine has a passing switch on the left hand side switch gear on the front, level with the clutch leaver
Good Evening Duckman,
I am so busy and this motorcycle I purchased last year is wonderful. I do not put many miles on this motorcycle. I got it for a daily driver. This will be my 4th Yamaha. My first Yamaha was a 1976 Motobike. My 2nd bike is a 1982 XJ650RJ that I got shortly after I acquired my endorsement. I did some masonry work for a partial trade for a 1993 FZR1000. I no longer have this wonderful litre bike anymore. So in a nutshell, I have always been partial to the Yamaha brand, but I like and enjoy all kinds of motorcycles. So much more to tell but will save that for later. Take care, Racerjase
I have the stock singular street fighter style headlight with auxiliary bulb on top. What color wire is the highbeam, where I could buy a coupling (and what type of bulb), and where I could maybe splice the wire so I can attach it? Thanks!!
Recently bought a 2006 FZ6N off of Facebook market! Only a few small problems such as some chipped paint, some scratches, ugly looking liquid dip that was way passed needed to be peeled off, missing license plate bracket, and last but not least missing high beam or “auxiliary” light ( as in the whole coupling).
LOL!! That was too funny Cliff.....Happy to hear you guys are living in your own little world (probably better that way anywhoo!) ;)
Lisa and I didn't even know it happened until days later. We're not plugged into the news anymore because we know when the aliens come to take us on their space ship. the book they'll come with called "To Serve Man" will not be about service to man as a fellow being but in fact, will be a cook book! Lol! Hope you and family are doing well.
afternoon! Just a little shaking in your neck of the woods? Hope all is well there.
Thank you Brenda! It happened about 2 days ago. It took about ten years of posting! lol! I really enjoy the forum. I sort of have the same experience in my neighborhood. I enjoy helping out and having fun with the peeps!