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Recently (Sept 21) retired. Riding 'til I can't throw a leg over the seat, then going for a 3-wheeler, but not quite ready for that.
fz6 LAND HI FROM A NEW MEMBER. Just got my FZ6. Very nice thing. On my troubles, more later,,,
Thanks for having me.
So my 2008 FZ6S has 70k on it and the engine runs tight the only issue I have is the clutch is a little noisy when released, quieter when the clutch is operated to select the gear.
Other than that the clutch works perfectly fine with no slip and full engagement.
I'm thinking it's time to start thinking about a new clutch kit, what is your advice please
Kind regards Robert
Hi Norbill, I think you clutch is fine. When it is released in Neutral the gearbox is idling and the gears are turning. That is the sound you hear. When you pull in the clutch lever the gearbox is disengaged ie. the gears have stopped going around.and the sound goes away. The cause is probably gearbox bearings. I wouldn't be very concerned unless it is bad bad. RayO
I am thoroughly impressed with the high mileage and reliability of Yamaha.
Chris, I saw on Facebook that you are organizing a ride at HawksNest the week of July 21. Is that open to just MSTA members?
Looking for a complete (with clamps and springs) centre stand in Australia FZ6 “2007” 0411243412
helping your hands on a long ride. I just installed the bar ends from H.V.M.P. on my 2008 FZ6S1. I believe these will cut down vibration and they look nice as well.
I just wanted to let the forum know that I'm thoroughly enjoying the FZ6! As of this post, I've clocked just over 5K for the season and October is still showing promise of more miles. I was early on wondering if selling my concours for the FZ6 was a mistake...... no looking back!
I am a big fan of the FZ6 as well and content with it as many of my friends have bigger cc motorcycles. I try to use the Griot's Garage products to keep the bike looking great. Also the recommended services and it is really a reliable motorcycle.
Hi Seth, looks like you're coming along nicely with the FZ :) Did you ever post a video with your headlight mod?
I'm thinking about using the tire sealant that you mentioned in a post. Did you use the low amount or toward the severe dosage amount?
I'm soon going to be a 2007 Fz6 owner.

I used the severe quantity, which was recommended if you wanted it to balance the tire without weights. I have never had the need to test the puncture sealing, but I am on my second set of tires without weights and I love the self balancing. No weights and smoother than any times I had a tire shop balance it.
Lookin for some help, would a steering damper fix my wobble when the front tire leaves the ground in a pull?
Try loosening your grip on the bars :)
Got an 04 w/ an 7" LED headlight, eventually going to make a custom bracket for it/gauge cluster. Need a clutch cable but can't find any info on where to find one for a naked model in the US. Any suggestions for websites or a way to make the fairing cable work with the setup?
Hey! I tried to send you an email this morning, but for some reason got a 'failure notice' on the email addy I had for you....
Anyway, I hope that you and the Mrs. had a very Merry Christmas! Last conversation we had you had mentioned a few interesting things going on with your to hear what's going on with that. hugs.........
getting the hang of my 'new' FZ6 2006
I have a 06 with 84k on her. Very little problems still very fast love it to death. Good luck.
Thanks for adding me to the forum. Recently picked up a 600 that has been completely dismantled., with the intention of getting it back together, in time, probably lots of time. Hope to get some advice from the experts here. Thanks in advance!
If you need the SHOP or OWNERS manual for your 06, I have them as a PDF. Just PM me a regular e-mail address to send them to... Scott