The Beginning of the End of guerrilla xmas shopping?


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This thread is for us U.S. members, the rest of you can laugh and point. :D

Since I've been an adult, retailers have begun opening earlier and earlier on Black Friday, and the crowds have gotten uglier and more embarrassing all that time. Now, many retailers are opening on Thanksgiving, to get More Money. A longstanding barrier has been broken.
It got me to thinking, well, who's gonna start the sales now on the Saturday BEFORE TG Day? In tonight's paper, a JCPenney ad featuring 40~50% off today and tomorrow. It's begun. I can now see Xmas sales stringing back to Valentines Day, hopefully thinning out the crowds to the point it doesn't matter anymore.

But then, 'murica just re-elected 96% of its corrupt congress, so what do I know? :spank:


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It's starting to go this way over in the UK now, sad really that Christmas begins on the 1st November... It's a solid 2 months of spending between the John Lewis ad coming out, Black Friday at Asda and the Next Boxing Day sale!


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North of the boarder here....we get the black friday sale bombardment locally a fatal attempt to prevent crossboarder shopping.....

The Christmas stuff comes out the same time as Halloween here. Bah Humbug i say.


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i have been a beliver that most holidays are just money and not about the day anymore. and i also think that one holiday should finish before starting the next! like christmas music before thanks giving really!!


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Here in Holland the celebration of Sinterklaas (st Nicholas) 5 December, now runs into Christmas, when I first moved to Holland the Dutch only really celebrated Sinterklaas, but celebrating Christmas has grown over the year and now its blended into each other, with all the commercialisation to go with it uurrgg. '



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Poland... Christmas stuff appeared a few days before Halloween in some shops and after 1st Nov the shops are full of Christmas stuff. It kills the spirit completely. I am afraid when I will hear Wham's Last Christmas again - oh how I ""love" this song ...
Is it true that Valentines are in February to fill the gap between Xmas and Easter?


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We have a similar phenomena here too. It's got the st Stevens day sale. People have only just digested their Xmas dinners and are off to que for the crap that couldn't be sold in the year. Basically it kicks off the new year sales. I've seen better manners at a riot.