Stripping Naked - Winter Project / Transformation


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I'll be posting transformation photos as I work through my winter project, FZ6 to FZ6N. I got this 2008 FZ6 about 3 months ago with about 300 miles. Long story short, a husband & wife purchased twin bikes, the wife dumped hers right off the bat, husband never got back on... The first picture is the day I brought it home. Naturally it was raining. Enjoy!



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Last outdoor photo before snow hit this week.

Added some stripes

Now to Strip Naked!

Ordered the speedo bracket last week from leaN69 here on the forum. It arrived very quickly and is excellent quality.



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Pulling the speedo from the fairing.

Add the back cover from eBay.

Rubber grommets from the fairing.

Repurposed screws from the fairing. attach the speedo cover.

Add front fender stripes.

Next, wiring, headlight, signals, mirrors, and maybe a flyscreen.
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Wow - Spent its life sitting!

Looks like you're underway! Have fun!

FWIW: Also a faired Raven and your first picture reminded me of the day I brought it home in the rain. That was 4 years ago and many mods I never thought I'd do!

JM2C - throw some money at the suspension, it pays dividends!


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This is very cool! I'm actually doing a naked conversion over the winter as well and I pulled my fairing off today! If I have questions, I know who to ask! :D


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Congrats and very nice. Did the naked thing last winter. Love the look. And also used Lean69's bracket which is a great product. I have missed the fairing on a couple of windy rides, but i prefer the naked feel/look.


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Had some minor palpitations while cutting the factory electrical connectors, but the "bypass surgery" went smoothly and everything works on the very first shot. Used high quality solder and a liberal quantity of electrical tape.

Took photos of all the front end components and listed on eBay. Would have put them here on the forum, but my account isn't 30 days old yet. As soon as some of the parts sell, I plan on getting a Trail Tech 8" Race Light. Already ordered the H4 high/low adapter kit from some guy on the Adventure Rider forum. Going for a look something like this:



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Painted the exhaust covers and the radiator covers yesterday.

Headlight, signals, mirrors, sliders ordered & coming soon!


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It's looking SUPER nice! I really really really like the color scheme. I have not seen any other FZ6s with stripes but to me it doesn't look bad at all! And I hated the ugly silver exhaust cover (I bought a Leo Vince) but the black makes it blend in so well :) Keep up the good work


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Just Installed CRG Hindsight LS Mirrors on my streetfighter project. Here's what you need to know to install them without without dropping an additional $69 on the Rhino bar ends...

When you loosen the control housings and try to move them inward, they won't clamp down because there's an anti-spin post on the bottom half of the housing and a corresponding hole on the under side of each side of the handlebar.

Notice the hole? This is the left side of the handlebar. Then notice the little dimple about 1 cm away? Looks like a pilot hole to me... This is a 2008 model. Interestingly, there didn't seem to be a dimple under the right side housing.

Find a drill bit that's the size of the existing hole, put on your eye protection...metal shavings flying while drilling at that angle...and carefully drill through.

Loosen the grip using the Philips screw-driver insert and twist method if you're re-using, cut off if you're not. The right side grip is installed on your throttle assembly which slides right off once disassembled, so you only have hard work on the left side grip. Re-install the control housing, temporarily install the mirror and the bar end to check position and then reposition the grip. Use a bit of grip glue to secure and then install the bar end and mirror and adjust as desired.

Repeat on the other side.

***Take care on the throttle side to leave plenty of clearance between the mirror clamp and the throttle housing and double check your throttle spins freely without hang-ups.***

I found an almost straight up angle on the mirror clamp works best for adjustability. It's hard to see in the pictures, but there's a bit of clearance between the mirror housing and the outside of the bar-ends.


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New tank protector more to my liking...previous owner installed the current one. Like the color, but the design is kinda hoaky. :)





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Headlight on! Trail Tech 8" Halogen Racelight converted to 7" Hella H4.

Almost done. Front signal brackets were the wrong size so waiting for new ones to arrive.