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If you notice, On our Home page there is a column to the right------>>>>>

Most all of the technical support here is from our collective member experience and from members who have professional experience in related fields that relate to motorcycling. These people don't get anything for support of this great forum!

The site does not operate for free. There are costs and that is why you'll from time to time, see a column asking for donations.

I'm asking any and all members to please donate, to at least cover the minimum expense that our Admin Dennis is asking for.

Think of it this way..... You already ride on an inexpensive but great all round great motorcycle. Support and knowledge has continued to make this bike one of the best bikes ever made. In fact I will claim that there has never been a better all round bike in it's class.

We are a special group of people! We have a generally generous nature to help others. Or am I projecting my own personna on to others?

Please donate and wash your hands. One Happy Birthday... Two Happy Birthdays..... rinse...... donate. Wear all the gear all the time?

Stay safe!
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