SBK TV commentary - amateur hour!


Phantom Rider
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Where on earth did they find this Australian idiot Harry Wood who is now sharing the TV commentary with Steve English?

I know Murray Walker was famous for his gaffes commentating on Formula 1 but this guy is plain hopeless.

In the beginning I thought (prayed) he was just a guest commentator for the Phillip Island round but no, we continue to be subjected to his clueless drivel.

Just this weekend at Imola, some of the nonsense:

  • (During qualifying, a lap is around 1:45) "there are 5 minutes left, they should be able to get another 4 fast laps in"
  • (Rea and Sykes on screen) "another great battle between the Ducati pair"
  • (Max Scheib crashes) "disappointment for the Turkish rider, no points today" He is Chilean.
  • (Rinaldi number 12 leading the race) "no problems in front for the number 21"
  • (Discussing Chaz Davies and Michael Ruben Rinaldi) "I believe they are staying at the same hotel as us. I saw them chatting at breakfast" Huh??

If I had a buck for every time he said "faaaantastic" I could buy a new bike tomorrow.

One thing I have noticed since the beginning of the season, the triple comments seem to have gone, such as "so, so, so fast" or "huge, huge, huge talent"

He is terrible and ruining the viewing experience.


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At least its not Bruce McAvaney- he is a total PITA


Phantom Rider
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I just realised how badly he speaks, I only heard for the first time today that his surname is Lloyd, not Wood.

Faaantastic.... a dozen times already and we are only in SP1 :thumbdown:

Monica A

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you have a mute button? That's what I'd use... hahaha

I find commentators are inept at best, seems like this guys is really challenged.

Makes you wonder what decision criteria the higher ups use when choose a commentator. "He's an idiot", "Perfect! Hire him"