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So I’m having a tough time here finding something that will work. I bought a SAE cord so I can smart charger my bike off season. I’m looking to get a phone mount that also has the ability to change my phone with wireless and wired charging. I wanted to use my existing SAE connection to supply power to said phone mount but I’m not finding any phone mounts that have that style of hookup. I really want to use it since it doesnt have any other use all season. Would also like to avoid running more wiring to my battery.
Anyone have a solution or product they know of that will work?


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So what you're looking for is something that'll have the outline of "Motorcycle phone qi charging"

A qi charger that will somehow grip your phone. I have the iOttie :

I think i've seen a post somewhere that someone butchered up a qi charger and married it to a ram mount. it's totally do able if you're adventurous enough
some light googling i found a polished product:

Then you'll want something that'll provide power to said qi charger. basically something that'll let you connect a usb cable to. I'm using this:

I love the wireless charging setup i have in my car, but i wouldn't put it on my bike, The bike parks outdoors during the daytime when i'm out and about. I'm just not sure how well qi chargers would last exposed to the elements and the potential crazy with sticky fingers on the street. It's cheaper to replace a SAE to USB device, than it is to replace a QI charging unit. I just have a usb cable i leave under the seat incase i ever need it

Good luck with this!


Thank you guys so much for the feedback. I take it that there isn’t mounts out there that have built in power that are supplied with a SAE connection for wired charging. The adapters suggested I will have to give some thought to which would work best. Since I already have a SAE ran to my battery.
ITSX the SAE to usb you suggested do you think it would be safe to just use the adapter since I already have an SAE cord connected or should I swap it out since this one comes with a fuse on it?
Final question would be for a phone mount which one do you find is best for the FZ6?


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This winter , me too, i have a projet, wired power outlet and wired phone (gps) holder on handlebar
You can use 12v outlet to charge the battery in winter
Here what i fought :
12v outlet only : eBay item number:110958179068
12v with usb and LED volmeter , i see this after i bought a12v outlet only :( , eBay item number:401874323899
Aluminium phone holder : eBay item number:323891986784
ABS phone holder : eBay item number:143226067023
At least it keep me busy , five months of the winter, take care my bike :)