Red FZ6 spotted in Montreal, PQ tunnel, was it you?


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Hi fellow Montrealers and visiting FZ6 riders,

I know there are many FZ6 sold in any given area, but on this forum, there's only about 6 of us from the Montréal, Québec region.

Just my curiosity:

I was traveling west bound in the Ville-Marie Tunnel. Aug 27, 2008 around 7h45. Left lane closed to traffic, center and right lanes open in the tunnel. I was traveling on the right lane following traffic. A red FZ6, either 2006 or 2007 model passed by me. The rider has a checkered (black and white) helmet. Well, he/she did match my speed to wave at me, and yes, I waved back.

And if you are on the forum, yes, I was just as shocked as you seeing another FZ6 on the road!:eek:

So, was it someone from this forum?

Thanks for waving! :thumbup:


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Must be a coincidence, I saw the same guy on my way home. I got a better look since it wasn't in the tunnel. On Decarie South. Red FZ6 2007, Arai Helmet, mostly white with a checked flag pattern around the lower portion of the helmet. The time was 17h45.

He headed to Ville Marie whereas I headed toward the Champlain.