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Whats up guys thanks for the help before, here i am again I have a 2007 FZ6 with under 19000 miles on it looking at getting a power commander was just wondering what type of experience you've had with them and if they are worth it looking at the website it doesn't seem that there too many maps on there for these bikes. Are the ones for these bikes just the two plug or are they the five plug? I don't have any mods done to it I believe other that exhaust

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The question is, do you really need it. There is fuel mapping available right through the ECM. Further, timing can be changed mechanically.

What are you looking to accomplish?


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I agree...... If you're going to use it to gain horse power you may see about 4 to 5 hp gain with a reputable tuner strapping the bike to a dyno. There will be other pricey mod's that will be added to get that gain plus the price of the dyno tune.

If you're doing something else you might think about what the cost of a PC will be against other avenues like CO adjustments. Even the CO adjustment should be done with a sniffer to see what air to fuel readings the adjustments produce.
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