Orange light (the one just above the Neutral light) when idle/slow, then dead battery


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Not sure why these two things seem to be connected on my FZ6s1 (2007) but it's happened twice now:

- Orange light comes on imtermittently when driving slow, idling, or stopping/starting etc (it's the light just above the Neutral LED on the old style clock with the digital rev gauge - not the analog gauge like the S2 has)
- Bike battery dies
- first time this happened I could still get lights to come on when turn the key, but not enough juice for ignition to work. Ignitions attempts would make the bike die each time
- second time it happened was after installing heated grips (but they're NOT wired the way that could drain the battery when bike is off - we used the relay and they cannot operate until bike is on)
- this time the lights don't even come on when I turn the key

Any ideas what the orange light is about in this situation? I know the battery may be straightforward

Gary in NJ

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That's the "Engine Trouble Warning Light". Given the problem you are having with the bike, I suspect there is an issue with the Stator or Regulator/Rectifier, thereby resulting in low voltage (or no voltage) condition in the charging system. Both the stator and R/R are easy to check with a multi-meter. But the first check is the condition of the battery.

After recharging the battery you will need to load test it. This can be done at almost any autoparts store. But in general, the battery must maintain 12.7 (+/- 0.1) volts staticly, and not drop below 10.5 VDC while engaging the starter. If the battery checks out OK you can then move on to checking the diodes in the R/R and then the AC output of the 3 stator legs.


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Just to add, per page 3-2 in the S1 owners manual, you may have a code popped just below the digital MPH icon. That icon IS for electrical issues only.

Should you need the owners manual, PM me with an e-mail address and I'll send it to you as PDF.