New Battery or short somewhere ?


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So, my FZ6 does not start. I had the battery load tested at the local Auto Zone and they told me that the battery was good. When I turn the key nothing happens and the clock and mileage display turn off.

Where to start ? Get a new battery to see if it is the battery after all ? It is about 2 years old. I am in Florida and had my bike sitting for some time. Could it be a fuse or a shorted out wire ?

Thank you !!!!


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If the battery tested good, I would move on..

Does the fuel pump purge, running lights come on with the key turned on?,

Specifically, what doe it do and not do when the key is turned?

If your getting absolutely nothing, I would follow the battery leads and check for bad connections..



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Are you sure they did a load test? You need to put a voltmeter on the battery and turn the key on. It sounds like just a slight load is dumping the battery. Confirm this is happening. If you're turning on the key and the instrument readout is going blank but the battery is staying above 12 vdc check the main fuse as Gary suggested.


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I think the guys at Autozone might be wrong on the load test ?

Here is what's happening now after charging the battery:

Key off and about 12.5 Volt
Turn key and drops to 10V, display is now working but no sign of fuel pump coming on.

New battery ?