MotoGP - Silverstone. Who's going?


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Hey, all packed and ready to go there tomorrow for a long weekend starting with day of champions tomorrow then the 3 race days.

First time at Silverstone so looking forward to it and going to try and not spend too much money on the charity auction tomorrow!


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I did it in 2011 and hated it for so many reasons.

The track is so BIG you walk for ever and get nowhere, unlike Donington in 2006, much more compact.

The marshals chased me almost everywhere I wanted to take pictures where there was no ridiculous fencing.

On race day it poured with rain and the temp was 10 Celsius. The car park was a mud hole and miles from anywhere.

I'm looking forward to my trip to Misano in 2 weeks time.

Oh and I forgot to mention, with the 2 minute lap, until the field spreads out you can be sitting looking at an empty track for quite a while.
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I hope you had a good time, I had déjà vu watching that weather on tv but at least the right men won!

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