Hico, TX, pie run 01/26/13



Another forum I'm on puts together pie runs in Texas each month to a different location. January has been the Koffee Kup restaurant in Hico for many years. It was about 315 miles round trip for me.

The morning started off chilly and stayed that way the whole way there. It drizzled for the first hour so my clean bike got a little dirty. We were traveling north (from Austin) and of course there was a headwind. The temp stayed at 49-50 (according to my bike temp display) the whole way. Riding back the winds changed and it was in our faces again but a little warmer at 56. About 30 minutes from home the sun poked out and it finally got to about 65 degrees.

On the way here's our first stop in Hamilton, TX.

Of course my bike up front. Robb is fiddlin' with his, a blue Suzuki SV650.

These guys took dirt roads most of the way and were pretty dusty.

There were a lot of different bikes there from cruisers to dual sport to adventure to sport... you name it.

Triumph, Buell and Aprilia.

The jalapeno bacon burger with onion ring shot... sorry, forgot to take a pic of the pies.


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Thanks for shring the pics!
How'd that jalapeno burger work for ya on the way back:BLAA:


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I think I may try to do the next pie run... The weather this time was damp, and a lot of fog, and I didn't want to ride in the fog.:(


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Missed this one, but should make it to a couple later on in the year closer to Houston. See "y'all" there.


I won't have Saturday's off until June so prolly won't make any more for quite some time.