FZ6 Lope idle question


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After spending a couple hours going through the FZ6 mods and FZ6 performance mods sub forums, I've noticed that there is a couple threads regarding lope idle due to lack of back pressure. A lot of responses on those threads mention adjusting the C0 and C1 values.
I've yet to get my FZ6N running, but when I do, if I decide to get a de cat and black widow mufflers, from what I've read, my bike should start to lope idle.

What I would like to know is : IF I get a de cat and black widow mufflers, and IF I get my bike tuned properly, but not do any tuning for below 2000 rpm, Will the lope idle do any damage, or is it safe to not do anything about the lope idle ?


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You should be ok in the lower RPM's with the lope.

You might consider putting the cans on first and seeing how loud the bike is then.

De-cat later if you want more sound / slight power increase..

*With my open Scorps, I wouldn't want it any louder. It's good in both the lower RPMs and considerably louder in the higher RPMs, with no loping..



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Soundcloud.com took away a bunch of function like seeing the timeline and FF/Rewind... Jerks.
MP3 audio is 5min long. Lope is in the last minute at idle.
On mine the ignition is mechanically advanced an additional 6.5° so it lopes at idle. Adjusting fueling is not enough. I think idle AFR is 12.5:1 here....

This one is better. 5:00 min but right at the beginning. Soundcloud mp3
Notice that bubbly sound. Bike is pretty responsive to a couple of mods!