Fuel and/or oil additives


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I had an uncle years ago who was a Slick 50 rep, and he had a 1.3L engine from a Honda Civic on a trailer. He would start up the engine, and then drain the oil out of it and let it run for some period of time without oil to demonstrate how well it protected it was. It would overheat, then he'd let it cool down start it back up again. I don't know if that is a valid test, but it convinced 20 year old me, and I put it in my higher mileage cars after that. I've forgotten about it lately and my Hyundai Sonata with 96K miles on it hasn't had it yet. Newer cars run practically indefinitely if maintained properly anyway.

Do you put any additives in your motorcycle? I know oil additives can destroy the function of a wet clutch, but what about fuel additives? I have no reason to suspect I need any, but wonder if there are any that people swear by for keeping the fuel system clean, etc.


2007 FZ6
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I use Yamaha RINGFREE in EVERY gas powered machine I own and in customers repaired machines.
It's very, very popular in the marine world as well

It is not a stabilizer but a top end cleaner and a fuel system cleaner. It's not cheap but it does in-deed work.. Way cheaper than sending off injectors, carbs, etc to be cleaned..

I'll put it in an engine (small, weedeater, chain saw, etc-a high revver) and tune with a tach to obtain max RPM's. The next day, with RF used (I keep overnight to make sure there's NO cold starting issues), roughly 50% of the time, I can re-tune and get MORE RPMs out of the same engine (it's internally cleaning the fuel system-usually a carb) with no other changes-just an over night treatment..

My 15 year old "Snapper" mower, with a 7HP Briggs engine had the float bowl off once(to re-jet-too rich from the factory) and has NEVER been apart for any type of cleaning-NEVER...

I don't run the FZ W/O it...

I don't put oil additives in the FZ, just change it when appropriate with the proper oil and it's good to go..

BTW, look on You Tube. There's many videos of guys blowing up engines with no oil, revved WOT and the things generally run WAY longer than you would expect...