Cota 2017

Monica A

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I bought tickets for COTA today!! Yippee!!! My bucket list to see Moto 2, Moto 3, and MotoGP. Valentino will be waiting for me.....
We watched MotoGP at Laguna Seca twice, but Moto 2 & 3 don't race there :disapprove:, so I am excited to see them finally.

We will be attending qualifying on Saturday and races on Sunday.

Anyone else going?


The Toy Lady
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Sounds like fun! I'll be looking forward to seeing your pictures! :Sport:

Monica A

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We had a great time at COTA. Weather was OK - cool and cloudy Saturday (windy) and sunny and cool on Sunday (windy until Race time). But racing was amazing. We sat above turn 9 on the hill with the wind in our face. We could see turns 7-11 and the back straight. cool watching them hit 200+ mphs. Saturday afternoon was had whitecaps on our beers. lol

Photo Apr 22, 10 24 24 AM.jpg
This is as close at I got to Rossi. His bike in Yamaha merchandise tent. :spank:

Photo Apr 23, 8 34 11 AM (1).jpg
I ran into a friend who rides a Triumph Street Triple RX at the races. Her first experience at the races. She seemed to enjoy it.

Photo Apr 22, 12 00 19 PM.jpg
Andrea Dovizioso's bike stalled twice right in front of us during practice Saturday afternoon, right before qualifying. I ran down to the fence to get a pic (He's my 2nd favorite races after Rossi). He was pretty frustrated. It was funny that he rode his bike back to the pits in the trailer. He actually got off the bike right after I took this pic and rode back on a scooter.

My pics to follow