Brad Binder Moto3 WORLD CHAMPION!!!!


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After leading the Moto3 championship since the second race of the year in Argentina Brad Binder has won the Moto3 world championship with 4 races to go and with an unassailable 106 point lead.

Binder is the first South African world champion since Jon Ekerold won the 350cc title in 1980 and is our youngest world champion.

He is also the first to win the lightweight title so early since the current scoring system was introduced in 1993.

However I am very disappointed with KTM and Red Bull's marketing machines as I was looking for a flag for months before going to Misano 2 weeks ago. I emailed KTM and Red Bull with no response, even at the track when I went to to the KTM tent it was "Brad who?" Shameful.Then he won the race from pole position.

Maybe now they know who he is.