2006 FZ6 is no more!!!


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OK i am brand new to riding the fz6! Bought a 2006 about 2 months ago(28000 miles and in perfect condition!)with the intent of going on a 1300 mile ride with my brother. He has an fz1. 350 miles into the trip "my valve hit the piston" says the mechanic while i was cruising comfortably down the rode in BFE california. He says he has never seen this with this engine and that it is the best engine that yamaha has ever made. And that little has changed with it over the years. My question is, i am in the Phx area and really enjoyed the bike A LOT, does anyone know where to get a new motor. Shop says cost is darn near what i payed for it in the first place just to have it fixed. New motor swap would be easier. Bob's used cycle parts does not have one. PS i put 1200 miles on it the first week i had it thats how much i love it!!!!!And that was after work and not used to drive to work!
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A quick Google search for motorcycle salvage yards in AZ turned up several. If they don't have an engine, normally they can find one for you.

Is the older R6 engine a drop in? I'm sure some of the others on the forum have done the swap. This would open up your options. There's got to be a bunch of them out there.


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Thanks all... right now i am saving money just want to make sure i know what my options are once i have the money I will PMskoter65


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Any indication of why this happened? Broken cam chain or chain tensioner?
The cam chain will stretch some over time, the CCT will also tend to loosen tension as well, especially with age and miles.

All it needs to do is skip a tooth or two and the valves are bent.

If the pistons aren't damaged, valves broke off/cylinders are fine, another head, or possibly repairing yours is do-able. The head can be pulled in the frame. Of course a new cam chain and CCT would be highly recommended as well as the rear guide (that rides up against the CCT).

Normally, you can hear some new rattling coming from the engine, getting worse over time when its failing.