1986 fz600 for sale


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HEy guys i picked up my first bike at the begining of the summer and pretty much overhauled the entire bike into working condition...i bought it for 900$ and spent about 2300$ on parts and labor...adjusting valves, cleanning carbs, new back tire, chain, sprockets, new rectifier and rebuilt stator. The bike runs great noe but Im broke...and willing to sell it for 1500$ i still have all the bills from the work done on the bike. give me a shout if your interested and im going to take some pics now n ill get them up asap......


not trying to be a forum biotch, but there's a section for selling things,
it's not the Quebec section, and generally you need to have been a
member for 30 days/10 posts to sell anything (FZ6's excluded)
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Damn id have it but i doubt i could afford the shipping anyhow lol...what are those extra clocks above the speedo? i dont have those on my UK spec 87 FZ600....


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theyre some mods that the previous owner put on just a battery, oil and engine temp gauge. He also changed the rear brake lights to two round lights.