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  1. agf

    Low beam not working, high beam / pass beam still working

    Had a very similar issue and the plug had actually shorted and melted. Replaced the plug in short term with spade connectors but still had intermittent issue. There was a break further up the loom due to the routing and turning the bars from left to right exacerbated the problem. Un wound the...
  2. agf

    hey its a bit late in the year but......

    yep I was surprised to see Kenny bought a car, but the cold weather starts to get into your bones after a while, I guess that's why you stay in Cali, yeah? are you still a vegemite devotee?
  3. agf

    hey its a bit late in the year but......

    Happy New Year folks! I've been away travelling a little thru Sth America and down to the Antarctic. Been home now for nearly 2 weeks but there has been much to do. Hope you all had a great Chrissy and NEW YEAR. most of all hope you all got thru it safely. I'm still dropping in about every...
  4. agf

    OGIO Bag Mount - Photo Needed

    hi guys Im still around! youre right the bags aren't ogios they are Ortlieb! And yes they came with a really similarly shaped bracket that I could never figure out how to use. I never did! I sold the FZ6 but kept the bags and still trot them out every now and then and use them on the XSR. I run...
  5. agf


    these are a great exhaust, easy to fit and you can dial down the sound by stuffing the baffles if you need to but the look on the bike is fantastic. At $500 these are an awesom mod for anyone here in Australia
  6. agf

    ~~Daily Feed, post what made you laugh today ~~

    and to think I used to call my FZ6 "The Naked Wasp", if I still had it it be up for a re-name!
  7. agf

    Need Help Help, finna launch bike across parking lot

    error 12 is the CPS and clearing it wont fix the issue, the bike might start and run from cold but once hot and you turn off it wont start again until its cooled. I'd not want to try riding in case th motor shuts down while on the road with a CPS thats a bit iffy
  8. agf

    Happy Birthday agf!

    we did exactly the same thing Clif, I got the spare room and we sat on different couches, opposite end of the table for dining and masks all the time! Shes back at work today after a week off
  9. agf

    Happy Birthday agf!

    Thanks guys, pretty laid back day, missus has COVID so no big party
  10. agf

    Anybody try Caltric clutch (amazon)

    I broke the clutch cable twice on my FZ6, 1st at about 25K and the second at about 50K. First one was the middle of winter thunderstorm peak hour traffic at night, just got off the road onto a driveway. Local bicycle shophelped me with a long brake cable an outer and a clamp so I could gerry rig...
  11. agf

    Question New foot pegs?

    When I had my FZ6 I had Jerry's inserts on both the rider and pass. pegs. They were excellent. While rubber might give a small protection from vibration, the serrrated billet ally the Jerry machined the inserts from gave the best grip in the wet. But you need a set of the original base pegs to...
  12. agf

    2023 update

    good to hear from you Kenny, sad about the old bike good to hear about a new one, hopefully the weather is getting better. I managed about 12 years without a car, but then got a deal on a hilux ute that was too good to pass up- when I sell it in 5 years I'll still make more on it even with...
  13. agf

    ~~Daily Feed, post what made you laugh today ~~

    I was walking down the street when I was accosted by a particularly dirty and shabby-looking homeless man who asked me for a couple of dollars for dinner. I took out my wallet, extracted twenty dollars and asked,"If I give you this money, will you buy some beer with it instead of dinner?" "No, I...
  14. agf

    ~~Daily Feed, post what made you laugh today ~~

    Two old guys sitting on a park bench watching a dog licking it's bits. One turns to the other and says "I wish I could do that". The other guy says "I'd pat him first to see if he's vicious".
  15. agf

    Happy Birthday trepetti!

    Many HAPPIES
  16. agf

    Happy Birthday Gary in NJ!

    Many Happies Gary
  17. agf

    Thinking of maybe selling my bike

    I went to an XSR 900 and the torque from the getgo is awesome the triple is a great platform. I did read lots of reports saying the XSR 700 was a good commuter, I just preferred the look of the 1st gen 900. still do over the 2nd gen 900. I do miss the under tail exhaust a little but not enough...
  18. agf

    Stay safe everyone

    glad you made it through Scott, hope you get back to normal soon
  19. agf

    Stay safe everyone

    I hope you are all ok, those that were affected by Ian. Was in New York a month or so after Sandy, mate of mine had to couch surf for nearly two years before he could move home again, he was in Rockaway, The surge flooded his two story condo up about 5 feet. Sincerely glad we don't get weather...