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  1. trepetti

    Click click click with orange blinking light

    This might be helpful. I just finished up a similar (but not exact) problem. My bike was starting fine until just recently after waxing it, it would no longer crank. Key on I got all the right sounds, fuel pump primed and everything. When I hit the starter button, I got 1 click coming from...
  2. trepetti

    Anyone ever rebuild a starter?

    Will do. I went riding yesterday and everything worked fine. At minimum I am going to order the rebuild kit. Might actually order both. But for the time I plan on leaving the original starter in place.
  3. trepetti

    Anyone ever rebuild a starter?

    I saw this last night as well: I just have an innate suspicion when the OEM sells for $360+ on the low side, how can a reasonable facsimile cost $50? Has anyone ever used 'Caltric' stuff?
  4. trepetti

    Anyone ever rebuild a starter?

    You took the words right out of my mouth.... I just finished for the night. I pulled the throttle bodies and removed the starter. After looking up the price and availability of a new starter, I figured I had nothing to lose, so I broke the starter down. One of the brushes are pretty worn and...
  5. trepetti

    Anyone ever rebuild a starter?

    Thanks Cliff. Update: I probed the output lead from the starter relay and it goes from 0 to 12.98 volts when the starter is pushed. Then I built myself a jumper and went from the battery + terminal to the starter and nothing. I will likely order a starter tomorrow. I am also going to try...
  6. trepetti

    Anyone ever rebuild a starter?

    Reassembling the bike after painting the sub frame, and I think my starter crapped out in the interim. After putting her back together Monday night, she started right up. But after waxing her tonight she will not crank. Here is what is happening. Turning on the key everything is normal...
  7. trepetti

    2023 update

    Crap Kenny, sorry to hear about the Ducati. That really sucks. I am sure Scott will reply, but I believe he is recommending you remove the plugs and leave them out while you add the oil in the cylinders and crank to distribute it. You cannot hydro lock if the plugs are out. Pistons would...
  8. trepetti

    Strange Idle Issue

    Does anyone remember an old thread where someone tore down the IACV? I thought it was @FinalImpact (whatever happened to him?) but I did some searching and came up empty. I am interested in seeing the inside of it, as long as it's someone else's :)
  9. trepetti

    Hello from Romania

    WOW!!!! Reminds me of my 2005 when I first got it in 2012 with 3,000 miles on it. Beautiful condition. And welcome to the best FZ6 forum in the whole world. The members here have an enormous amount of knowledge from repair to modifications and everything in between.
  10. trepetti

    Cct symptoms

    When you replace the CCT, start by taking the timing cover off the right side of the engine. Once off, first make sure the pin on the rear chain guide (RED arrow in photo) is through the guide and in its hole in the engine. Then use a zip tie around the front and rear guides to squeeze the...
  11. trepetti

    The FZ6 on Youtube

    I too stopped watching Yammie Noob. I am tired of all the 'influencers' telling me what to think. But in this case I think he is spot on..... :)
  12. trepetti

    The FZ6 on Youtube

    Ok, it's the internet, and we all know hat there is a LOT of crap out there (with the exception of some GREAT forums like this one :) ). Yammie Noob named the top 10 used motorcycles of the last 25 years, and the FZ6 is the first mentioned.....
  13. trepetti

    HealTech SpeedoHealer v4 install

    I think you need a 'GPSHealer' :)
  14. trepetti

    FZ6 Blown Engine - options?

    Ouch. Seen this before..... Not good
  15. trepetti

    [Resolved] Cranking, not starting w/ documentation, video ref & diagnosis details

    You say you did some electrical work. Can you tell us what you did and more importantly, HOW you did it? Where in the harness did you tap in?
  16. trepetti

    Happy Birthday trepetti!

    Thanks fellow dude :)
  17. trepetti

    Happy Birthday trepetti!

    Thanks Scott.
  18. trepetti

    Happy Birthday trepetti!

    Thanks everybody..... I am committed to continue my riding even as my TMB progresses.......
  19. trepetti

    ~~Daily Feed, post what made you laugh today ~~

    The only difference between he an I is that it takes me about 5 Martinis before I start to walk like that :)
  20. trepetti

    Gear indicator issues

    Could you post or point us to the install guide? Might be helpful to see what the garage was 'trying' to do, assuming that it was done wrong...