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  1. ShoopCE

    Milford PA Rally by Motorcycle Sport Touring Association

    If anybody doesn't want to stay overnight, they could plan to meet us at Perkins Memorial then ride through Harriman, etc, either Friday or Saturday.
  2. ShoopCE

    Milford PA Rally by Motorcycle Sport Touring Association

    Hi Guys, It's been a while since I've posted here. But Tom Repetti @trepetti and I put together a ride event through the MSTA, centered in Milford PA, and we thought that we would invite anybody who's more or less in the area. The event will run from check-in on Thursday Aug. 1 through...
  3. ShoopCE

    MSF Range Bikes

    Our season finished up at the end of October. The MT-03 was returned to the dealer without a scratch. For my peace of mind, I had equipped it with a crash protection kit from Wometech. I removed it before returning the bike. We're hoping to get another one for the '22 season. The availability...
  4. ShoopCE

    1st gear fz6

    Yep, you're wrong. And short...
  5. ShoopCE

    Old Funny Story - Revisited

    This past weekend Tom Repetti and I hosted some guys from the MSTA (Motorcycle Sport Touring Assoc) for a Friday / Saturday ride out of Milford PA. It was great. So, the first day, Tom was leading and I was sweeping, using Sena Coms (until Tom switches to Cardo). Tom says "the road is clear...
  6. ShoopCE

    Old Funny Story - Revisited

    Original Title: Who are you, and what did you do with my wife? Before I start the story, please understand that my wife is a wonderful person :thumbup: and has been surprisingly supportive ever since I gingerly mentioned that I was, you know, maybe thinking of buying a bike. (I was riding when...
  7. ShoopCE

    Shoop's New Ride

    2020 MT-09 with absolutely no mods. And it's BLUE!!! My FZ6 now belongs to a neighbor who promised that he'll take care of her. I'll be watching him. It's a seller's market. MT-09's are rare and disappear quickly. The seller managed to look happy for this pic. And he should because he got to...
  8. ShoopCE

    MSF Range Bikes

    Our local Yamaha/Honda/Suzuki dealer managed to lend us a 2020 MT-03 for the season. It's a NICE little bike. I think it would be a great starter bike. But, it's not the best trainer bike. Why no the best? This thing has a LOT of torque and very capable brakes. Both are less than optimal for...
  9. ShoopCE

    Metzler M7RR rear with HUGE bubble!!!!

    Wow!!! I am amazed. Not about the tire, but I never under ANY circumstances would have expected a tire thread to turn into a wedding thread. Will wonders never cease?!?!?!
  10. ShoopCE

    Might be getting another FZ6!

    I'll bring the hammer.
  11. ShoopCE

    Is the FZ6 good for me?

    Everything that Scott and Gary said is great insight on the FZ6. Regarding insurance, it shouldn't be too bad. I pay about $90/YEAR with GEICO - but I'm an old guy and I get a 20% discount for being an MSF instructor. And I stay at Holiday Inn Express whenever I can... As a young guy, you'll...
  12. ShoopCE

    Do you ride solo or in groups?

    Here's a good explanation of what the group and the annual meeting are about.
  13. ShoopCE

    Do you ride solo or in groups?

    Nice topic! I ride solo most times I'm out. Whenever I can, I ride with a buddy who lives across the street. Sadly, I'm going to be losing him soon when he moves to VA. But I also ride with groups. One is, though that one is dissolving and its been a while since they held an...
  14. ShoopCE

    Happy Birthday Cloggy!

    Guess I missed it by a few days, but I hope it was a good day!
  15. ShoopCE

    Fitting Smart Turn System indicator shut off

    You're welcome. Glad I took those pictures. It's great that even if you forget to cancel them after a small lane change, or if you restart them by accident, that they turn themselves off after about 20 seconds. Enjoy! I sure do.
  16. ShoopCE

    Fitting Smart Turn System indicator shut off

    Adrian - any progress? ... Guess he's out playing with the self-cancelling signals.
  17. ShoopCE

    07 led rear turn signals work (when turning), but only one running light

    I couldn't ride this morning, so here I am on the forum, and in a humorous mood. @trepetti : All of my additions are done one of those two ways. Tom's bike in holiday trim... @Gary in NJ : ...lots of zip ties Gary's rear during a tire change, and maybe after. Well, anyway, I thought it...
  18. ShoopCE

    New member welcome thread..

    Hi Rishi, and welcome to the forum. Congrats on getting a great bike, and a BLUE one, at that! We used to have a handy search tool where we could look up members - which would have been useful to find other members from nearby your location. But I cannot seem to find it. We had a big rework of...
  19. ShoopCE

    Fitting Smart Turn System indicator shut off

    Ade, On the eastern beaver site, when you specify the plugs you also specify how many pins you want. I'd get a few extras. Even with having bought a specific crimper I botched a few crimps and was happy to not have to try to flatten out the mangled pin.
  20. ShoopCE

    Fitting Smart Turn System indicator shut off

    I searched back and found this email. this is the Sumitomo MT090 non sealed, Yazaki also made this housing, Eastern Beaver has it here I'll have to dig deeper into the garage to hopefully find the...