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    Broken foot pedal spring

    Bit of an odd one, was riding home tonight and thought my gear pedal had fallen off when I was stopped. Turns out the spring has broken off and my pedal as just stuck in the up position. Need to figure out where to source a spring from now :S
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    just getting a minor incident off my chest

    Can't really talk to non-bike friends about this, and family and close friends would worry if I told them. Riding from my work to the city tonight, about a minute or two down the road the cars I was following braked a bit more suddenly than I expected, no worries as I was at a safe distance...
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    a couple of issues I had/have

    Ok, so I mentioned in another thread that I had some issues today 1) I noticed riding into work that all my indicators had stopped working. Testing at lunch time showed that the fuses were fine, but I caused another issue 2) The bike wouldn't start and through error code 19. At first it...
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    Meh, broken down

    Was riding fairly sedately and I heard a horrible mechanical noise, thought it was from the traffic at first. Pulled over and it's definitely my bike. Turned it off and tried to restart only to hear a good awful noise, so stopped that immediately. Think my timing chain has slipped a tooth...
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    Learnt some valuable lessons about tyres today

    Oulton Park low side - YouTube :rolleyes: Managed to fall off 2 sessions in a row, this one cancelled the day though as I snapped my rearset off the frame Lost the front end in this video as I was going around the chicane. Probably either lack of talent or cold tyres (definitely lack of talent)
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    It was a bit windy yesterday

    My bike went for a lie down...
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    stupid car drivers

    This happened on my way home tonight. The road turns into a single lane, and I had right of way. The woman coming the otherway slowed down to stop at her giveway line, and then decided to carry on. :spank: Can't make out the car reg in the video, or I would be sending this to the police...
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    Lane splitting/filtering videos

    I posted this in another thread; has anybody else got some they'd like to share? Disclaimer: this is legal in the UK, though a slight grey area. I didn't set out to make this, I just happened to get stuck in some traffic on the way to my friend's house, so don't expect this to be textbook...
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    Front brake slide pins

    I managed to snap one tonight trying to take my brakes off. I don't really understand how it happened, as it snapped between the smooth bit and the thread, I suspect the sliding bit might have rusted in place slightly :spank: Anyway, it seems that either my google-fu is weak or nobody seems to...
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    so i got pulled over for the first time tonight

    Wasn't really doing anything crazy, just going down the motorway on my way home in the dark. Overtook a car, and a few seconds later saw blue flashing lights, slowed down and moved to the slow lane, but it took me a whole minute to stop and figure out what was going on, pull in and stop on the...
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    Yamaha MT-09

    Not sure on the details yet, but it looks cool. Looks like it might be a successor or competitor for the fz6/8? edit: official details here edit: 2014 Yamaha MT-09 Forum here The NEW Yamaha MT-09 (official video Full HD) The Dark side of Japan - YouTube
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    FZ6 and R6 stator assembly for sale (UK)

    Bought this off a forum member a couple of years ago, but I didn't need it in the end. It's used condition, but should work AFAIK (I've not tested it). I'll sell it to a fellow forum member for the price I paid, otherwise I might put it up on ebay. FZ6 stator, £80 posted with-in the UK I...
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    couple of vids from oulton park last week

    Went out on a trackday after booking one at the last minute. Had to quickly reassemble my split brakes, and it turned out get one helicoiled after the thread came loose. Also had to buy a new set of leathers, which is harder than you would think as it was the week before the IoMTT This was my...
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    Modern Motorcycle Diaries

    Makes me want to get a dirt/adventure bike for my next trip. :thumbup: Not sure about some of his safety gear choices though... :spank: The Modern Motorcycle Diaries - YouTube
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    possible TPS problem?

    I've had no TPS problems with my bike since I got it 2.5 years ago, but had an issue last night. Going to the gym from work, going down a dual carriageway, I was overtaking a car, and as I changed up a gear the bike made a bit of a clonk, as though the engine had stalled or the chain slipped...
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    just booked myself a little holiday

    Will be flying to Ecuador next month for a 4 weeks :thumbup: Anybody got any tips or things to do in Atlanta for 13 hours? I've got a long layover on the return home.
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    My Dad's bike

    Found this picture over Xmas, the only one I've ever seen with my dad on his bike My mum thinks he had a Triumph Triton, but it looks more like a norton commando
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    -1 sprocket + speedo

    I've gone down a tooth on my front sprocket, but now my speedo seems like it's miles off. I've not got a frame of reference, but I expected it to over-read by 2-3mph, it feels like it is off much more. E.g. what feels like 30mph reads 40 on the speedo, not had a chance to get my sat nav on there...
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    front sprocket lock washer/tab

    slightly stupid question.. I had a search but couldn't see the answer. I've bought a set of sprockets and a chain to replace my existing ones. I've also bought a new lock washer. The question is how do I fit it? I assumed I would fit it under the nut, and then bend it up to stop the...
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    dry chain lube

    Has anybody used this? Is it any good? I've got a can of it in my garage that I never got around to using. I'm going to be fitting a new chain and sprockets to my bike, so I thought I might try it. Should I stick to regular lube and my scottoiler?