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  • Thank you for helping me with the information to post. I'm sorry I forgot to say thanks.
    Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful daughter mate.
    All the best.

    Your to kind reio,

    Enjoy the peace and quite of your last birthday until your new little one arrives.

    Dang dude had no idea you werent on my friends list. LOL
    Hey, Congrats on the upcoming baby! I meant to send this months ago but you know how it is. Tell Kiera congrats also. This baby shower thing going on is pretty cool, the only account I have verified with paypal is an old one, so once I get some guard pay in that I will send some your way, **** buy a mod with it haha. You two are good people, glad I met ya, hope I see you both again soon (with an addition!).
    Reio - thanks for the good words on the interview - have a kick ass day!! :)
    Thanks for the credits.........not sure what to do with them but I will make sure to pass along the favor. I still need to check the games tab.
    Thanks for your help for posting an attachment to the thread. The problem was I didn't have the document in the right format. I reformatted to pdf and it worked fine. Thanks again for your help.
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