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    How does the fz6 coolant system work?

    Re: Dow does the fz6 coolant system work? it's an expansion tank for when the coolant gets hot
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    Solution for a hard to unlock seat mechanism?

    it can also be opened from underneath if the lock is very tight. I usually spray it with some lube / ACF50 once open to prevent it jamming
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    Trackday... on my GROM!!

    sounds like a fun cheap alternative to proper track riding :thumbup:
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    New MV Agusta F4Z

    It's growing on me a bit, kinda digging the slightly futuristic look cafe racer type look
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    Technology - thoughts on Autonomous vehicles

    I can't wait for the days of self driving cars. Then I can just kick back and read a book whilst my car does the hard work.
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    Dolomites Alps, Italy

    I hiked AV2 last year through the Dolomites, absolutely amazing place. I saw one or two bikes two as I passed through civilisation ;)
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    BT-010 discontinued, now what?

    go for a sport-touring tyre, something like a BT-023 or a Michelin Pilot Road 4 If the compound is similar you shouldn't have any issues. I currently have a PR4 on the front and a BT023 on the rear.
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    Happy Birthday Cloggy!

    Gefeliciteerd! :D
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    In case you haven't bought my xmas present yet...

    Tomtom rider has had the curvy roads thing for years, I worked with the guy who wrote it ;) not sure how well it actually finds them in the real world though
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    Textile jackets

    I got my dainese jacket replaced just shy of its 2yr warranty as the front pocket zips were a bit broken (though they still kept stuff dry). Got a like for like replacement with another 2yr warranty :) Shows that it pays to ask if you get any problems down the line, and don't lose your receipts!
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    Textile jackets

    i was able to negotiate a bit of a discount (~15%) in the Dainese store and got them to throw in a back protector in for free. Might be worth a shot, especially with end of season stuff.
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    Textile jackets

    I have a dainese goretex jacket, the goretex is bonded to the outside cordura layer, so it doesn't soak up too much water, plus all the pockets are waterproof, goretex also has a lifetime guarantee. I've sure revit do something similar. Expensive, but worth it to be warm and dry, and if you use...
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    More stubborn bolts- Front Axle Removal

    FWIW the proper tool to untighten the front axle is a (motorcycle) spindle key, I can't remember if it's 19mm or 22, but they usually fit a few standard sizes. All the bolts on the FZ6 are in metric. saves potentially damaging it, also I find completely undoing the pinch bolt helps
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    RIP Joep, our cat.

    Re: RIP Joep, our cat. // No respect for Cowards! Just saw this thread, so sorry to hear about this Martin. Hope your family are ok and they prosecute the bastard, or at least put him somewhere safe and away from people.
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    Rear Brake Won't Bleed: Troubleshooting Help?

    when i changed the seals on my rear brake I hung it up overnight so the air could rise to the top by the bleed nipple