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    Re: Please help me with an attitude check

    Quote Originally Posted by FB400 View Post
    Hey all - thanks all for the very helpful responses. I have had some time to think about this short sequence of events and have returned to a normal baseline. When analyzing how that sequence of events went down there wasn't anything inherently super scary about the outcome so that is good. At the core of it - to come charging up on a motorcycle while driving a Jeep Wrangler - btw this is a car that should be on a motorcyclist watch list as one that can and often is notoriously driven in maverick style by young people.. folks not good!! And then to not pass the motorcyclist and pace him while on a dark road.. was quite unnerving. was I really pissed off as I stated..not quite so much but yeah.. let's put that at a 3 or 4 on a 1 to 10 scale. Cooler heads prevailed on both ends. I think I know now the driver meant no harm.. but he was a total numbskull in terms of appropriate behavior behind the wheel and how his actions could affect the guy riding the bike he sped up to check out. and what the hell is there to see in the dark on a road with very little light?

    @Scott - yes, I remember messages from you about having lived on LI until a certain age. Weren't you a Suffolk LEO? Anyhow those same "speed police" here would get run off the road. I am all in favor of keeping the speed moderate but for Christ's sake choose the appropriate lane and traffic conditions to act like a boy scout behind the wheel of your vehicle!
    I'm from Brentwood in Suffolk County and moved down here when I was 19 yoa, 57 now...

    I did have a really bad MC wreck in 1977 up there and almost died from a driver turning left in front of me.

    My 25 years of being a Police Officer was down here in Ft Myers (city).. I worked MANY wrecks including
    motorcycles, deaths and can safely say I've seen it all.

    Somewhat related, in one case, a car and (as I re-call a G0ldwing) bike got into a road rage and both pulled over to meet.
    I forgot who started it, but the driver of the car ended up knocking the bike over (while parked). So there was never
    a wreck, now we have a criminal mischief.. Bottom line, two hot heads meet, instead of one person acting the adult
    and just avoiding the situation..
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    Re: Please help me with an attitude check

    I appreciate I have no experience of your local area, but I have put 40,000 miles in in three years, so have seen some fairly wierd behaviour from people on the roads.

    I think my most important point has already been covered, but when you can, keep moving. Especially on mulitlane traffic. Keep your head on a swivel, and look for bad situations. Think to yourself: "Am I in a blind spot?" "Has that guy been husseling through traffic?" "How distracted is that driver?" "What's going on with the lane weaving!" And just move accordingly. Speed up, slow down. Change lanes. Weave. Just avoid the bad situations. Your bike is more nimble, and gives you a better view of what's around you than any car. Use it.

    As for people having a look, or seeming to. Be nice. Wave. Give them a little nod maybe. Then get on with playing your own game. Keep a look out. Do all the stuff that I mentioned above. Just relax and enjoy your ride.

    My only criticism could possibly be that you need to ride more. You've done a lot of years, but actual days in the saddle seems spaced out, infrequent. More time on the bike will help normalise the riding habits. It'll also help normalise the reactions of others around you, especially on the commute where people tend to see the same vehicles on the road day in day out. This is where "being nice" comes in really handy. People will remember the bike that waved to say thank you. That backed off slightly so they could change lanes. That waited with an indicator on to make sure they didn't pull out on them. And after a few weeks of seeing you do that every day, they start returning the favour.

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    TownsendsFJR1300: Agreed 100% ^^^^^.

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    Re: Please help me with an attitude check

    When in doubt, throttle out! I probably wouldn't of put my high beams on him either, that's not going to fix anything and just piss him off. Just get yourself out of the situation asap.
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    Re: Please help me with an attitude check

    Quote Originally Posted by dschult2 View Post
    When in doubt, throttle out! I probably wouldn't of put my high beams on him either, that's not going to fix anything and just piss him off. Just get yourself out of the situation asap.
    Good advice. No point in trying to be right. Irate car driver vs. irate bike rider - the car will win. Don't even try it. The rider wins when he/she arrives to their destination safely.

    I had a road rage incident in my car once. The feelings of rage were overwhelming. I don't normally get angry when people are stupid. I don't know what got me so angry this time (maybe not enough coffee that morning). I did a brake check on the chick behind me and she backed off. It took me an hour to calm down. I probably wasn't a very happy, friendly teacher that day. lol I don't want to experience that again - ever.
    Silly boys, sportbikes are for girls...

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