Hey all

Im sure everyone here has a passion for motorcycles - we're on a bike forum for gods sakes! I do all my own work and living in Chicago, that isn't the easiest thing to do. I work out of a shop called Moto Guild, a DIY workshop with all the tools and equipment you need to work on your bike and people to help out if you need it.
On July 12, six weeks into moving to a new location at 833 N Albany, the shop had a fire by arson. A car was stolen earlier that night, used in a crime, and set ablaze right next to the shop.
I started a campaign on gofundme to help not just Moto Guild Chicago but also the owner Tony Riccardi, one of the friendliest, most genuine people I know. Every little bit counts and I would really appreciate if you would donate and share this link.

Learn. Fix. Ride on.


some pics from the old shop

the new shop

and the aftermath

If this is against forum rules, please let me know. I'll take the post down