Here are a few photos of my latest project. It's a work in progress. While mechanically complete, it is not cosmetically finished.

The project actually started when I found a NOS '73 TS-125 fuel tank on eBay. Then I needed a bike to install it on. I owned quote a few TS and TC bikes in the 70's and I wanted to make a modern tribute to those great enduro's. An Australian company by the name of Elesped took on a similar conversion using a Suzuki DRZ as the bones of the project. What we are looking at here is a street legal 2003 KLX400/DRZ400 that I found for cheap. The bike was in very rough shape, but I was looking for an unloved bike because I was going to make some significant changes to it.

what should my next bike-project be?-img_2706-jpg

I worked on the bike during the winter of 2017 and rode it for about 500 miles late last summer. I put it back on my bike stand this winter to complete/reshape the plastics at the rear and to rework the suspension. I'm dropping the forks and shock by 2 inches as I don't need 11 inches of travel on the street (the shock is being internally lowered by 3/4" which will result in a 2" drop). The bike is a hoot to ride. It's a bit delayed because I converted my FZ6 into a naked bike this winter as well.

what should my next bike-project be?-img_3103-jpg

what should my next bike-project be?-img_3059-jpg

what should my next bike-project be?-img_3060-jpg

what should my next bike-project be?-img_3063-jpg