I just wanted to draw members attention to a company with a good old fashioned sense of customer service.-the Australian distributors of Kriega!

I have one of their 25litre back packs and it is the most comfortable back pack I have ever used on a bike due to the Quadlock system and weight distribution.
I have had my pack for about 2 and half years. Late in 2013, I broke a clip, rang them, they put one in the post, sadly the envelope got damaged in transit and arrived empty. I rang again and left a message on the Friday night just before the 2013 Toy Run to let ‘em know. On the Sunday they had a stand at Calder Park so I swung by and told them who I was. The guy on the stand knew about the lost clip, found one in his kit and just gave it to me, no questions, no drama and a stubby holder-too BONUS.

Now the really good part of this story.
Mid-June 2015 I sent a message asking if they did repairs as the internal pocket was showing signs of wear and tear. They asked for a few photos. I sent them through and the message back :-send the pack back with a note and they would deal with it under warranty.
All of this SMS dialogue was over a weekend too.

Well today a brand new Kriega 25 litre pack arrive by mail

This company is selling a great product and backing it up with after sales service. Good service still exists, and I can’t recommend them enough for it!