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OK maybe not slow, but coming from FJR and FZ1, my new to me V-Strom 1000 is very ... unfast. Heck, it would probably lose to FZ6 in a drag race, BUT.. that low end torque makes it SO much fun to ride! Cruise casually at 3k rpm (or even slightly lower), twist the throttle and the thing just goes! Kicking the tail out on dirt roads using throttle is effortless. Really makes me smile. Oh and the V-twin sound is a nice bonus (I slapped a Delkevic pipe on it.. not loud at all, but a bit deeper than stock).

Nice bike Eric, one of the reasons I love my Tracer (FJ-09) is that it pulls in every gear and at any revs, making it more practical than the FZ-6. Although I used to enjoy running in the high rev range of the fazer, when it was nice weather.
Have fun