Winters here in Cleveland, Ohio aren't very conducive to riding as you might have guessed, but it's giving me time to get my bike looking how I want it. Today I pieced her all back together after a few days of work and took her on a tour of the mistake by the lake.

Decided to go naked with the VS01 kit and also try my hand at respraying some of the body pieces that didn't match the matte black frame of my 2006 S2. Went with a couple coats from a matte black spray can and topped it off with a matte clearcoat, and I really like the look of it.
The side pods were a bit scuffed up from the PO, so instead of struggling over a perfect red match that close to the tank, I turned them black and decided to paint the rear hugger red (Duplicolor GM Dark Cherry Metalic - a close enough match for the location and my eyes, just don't use it as touch up paint or on anything close to the OEM red). While I was at it, I chopped it back and threw a cutout on the right side.

Still have a bit of work left to do (clip on bars (thinking these Apex ones, but I'd love your opinions), painting my forks, smaller signals, integrated tail light), but that'll keep me going through until spring. Oh, and I always forget to take off those ugly frame and swingarm stickers until I'm looking at pictures. Done with painting for a while though, not sure painting right next to the intake for my HVAC sysetm was that great of an idea, house still reeks of paint fumes and my roommate isn't that pleased.